170708 Geummi’s Instagram Translated

Teacher Soyoung 💋
#JungSaemmool #TeacherSoyoung #ListeningWell #StopBeingStubborn #ILoveYou

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  • Raphanus Sativus

    She can go from pure, sweet Geummi to bad-ass vixen Geummi in 0.02 seconds.
    (although the bad-ass Geummi is just an act. she can’t hide sweet Geummi behind those big ‘ol eyes)

    • Nacho Bidnith

      I think she’s going to be a very successful actress in dramas if she keeps getting roles like the one she has now in Lovers in bloom. I don’t know how many episodes she was originally scheduled to be in but her character has been in more than I anticipated.
      I’ve been watching it on youtube as KBS World is posting it there. It’s a bit behind on episodes from some of the independent websites that are showing it but I like watching the KBS version because they do read the comments the viewers post.
      It’s looking less likely as time goes on from the breakup, but my biggest fear for any of the girls is that they would end up like the character played by
      Gong Hyo Jin in “The greatest love”, who was once a member of a popular girl group who went on after the breakup of the group struggling to make a living off her past fame.
      I think that would be a terrible fate for any of the girls and I surely hope it doesn’t befall any of them.

      • Raphanus Sativus

        I agree. Perhaps their experience in CP gave them a little advantage in their current endeavors, but I think most Pop fans are proud to see them pursue their dreams and succeed on their own merits.
        Through Crayon Pop, we’ve gotten to know them as individuals. It will be nice to see them together as a group occasionally, but I hope they feel the continued love and support from fans of them personally. I know they are always so generous and thankful to those that come see them and I think they are getting that message.