170706 Geummi’s Instagram Translated

Source: Instagram

  • M Arif Zainuddin

    geummi is so sexy

  • ezekiel

    she’s beautiful..^^

  • Jason Park

    Does she ever take a bad picture?


    • M Arif Zainuddin

      never as far as i know

  • Jason Park

    I know I’ve mentioned this a million times…..

    I met Crayon Pop at the Winter Party.
    Had a hug from each of the girls.
    Ellin’s hug was amazing! A proper real bear hug!
    Way and Choa gave good hugs too.
    Geummi’s hug was good too.
    But the thing for me about Geummi were these two things.

    1. Her eyes are AMAZING! I could have sat and looked into them all the time I was there.
    2. When we got the photo signing. Choa was signing my photo and Geummi leaned into Choa and said I looked cute.
    Now. As much ad I would love to think she was telling the truth.. I know she was saying that to make me feel good.
    Which it did!
    But it just shows just how much she thinks about her fans and how to make them feel better.

    She’s awesome!

    Simple as that!