170616 Way’s Instagram Translated

I’m sorry that I uploaded it, now 🙏 I have received the dry rice wreaths From Korean fans, Hong Kong fans, and Chinese fans well! And yesterday, I received a bouquet by Japanese fans.❣️I am grateful for everyone who came to see Jjambbong.🤗

Source: Instagram

  • CP Hwaiting

    she is looking more and more like ChoA nowadays.. it has started to confuse me!!!

    • ian chan


    • Noor Ahmed

      me too think the same when i saw the pic of gummie with her i thought she was choa

    • Additlike Rabbits

      We got so used to Way having bangs. When she doesn’t have them she looks more garbagey.

  • Raphanus Sativus

    Yeah, but those braids send me back to blond pigtailed Way singing “What You’re Made Of” and I’m in love all over again…