170612 Choa’s Instagram Translated

Busan, thank you. I will come again. 🖐🏻

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Yesterday’s improvised live show.
Fine.🤘🏻Lovely #LeeJiMin #JungJaeEun
#Haeundae #HardRockCafe

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I love it. 😝

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I also went to.
#Suminine 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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Before #Haeundae 🍟🍻

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  • Stan Baker

    Oh, that video. The evening’s entertainment was inadvertently wise not pointing the mic at that sweet, shy girl.

    But boy, would I love to see our Choa shut her down.

  • ian chan

    Seem like Hero and History of Nerds show period are overlapping?

    • h4iumb1

      Yes, ChoA is very busy these days 👍👍

  • My Giwi

    Haeundae beach (CrayonPop TV S2 Ep5)