170601 Chrome Ent.’s Statement On Crayon Pop’s Fan Cafe Translated

Chrome Ent. left a message on Crayon Pop’s fan cafe titled “Hello. It’s Chrome Entertainment.”

Hello. It’s Chrome Entertainment.

Let me inform you about the articles about Crayon Pop released yesterday.

The company after long discussions with the members will actively work with members on their individual activities.

Crayon Pop is planning to act as a 4-membered group without disbanding.

Soyul in her current situation is dedicated to parenting, so Crayon Pop will act as a 4-member group, for the time being.

The memories and the long time of hard work under Crayon Pop’s name will always be remembered and, we will always appreciate the love from fans.

Crayon Pop will always continue to work harder and show a better image without forgetting the hearts of fans who will always be loved.

I would like to ask for a lot of love and support for Crayon Pop, as they act as a 4-member group.

Thank you.

Source: Crayon Pop’s Fan Cafe