170529 Choa’s Instagram Translated

“23 Year Old Radiant Spring” is the name of the scent of the perfume Choa is talking about.

Aiii refreshing ~

  • Clay

    Cologne and perfume smells disgusting. Never liked it. It’s like inhaling poison.☠😂

    • NeonMoon

      hate to stand next to you in a crowded bus and smell your BO’s…ugh!…lol

      • Additlike Rabbits

        There’s a difference between soap and perfume. 🙂 I have several friends who have really bad allergic reactions to various perfumes. Here in LA, I don’t know about anywhere else, we get people walking around with perfumed soap, shampoo, hair gel, clothes detergent and fabric softener, and on top of all that, a gallon of perfume. I don’t mind a little, but all the competing scents just turn into a chemical soup. 🙂