170528 Way’s Instagram Translated

Way wants you, the fans, to answer her question.

Mirror, mirror, who is the prettiest in the world? #CorrectAnswer:

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I am pretty😘 #Pretties

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Today, impressively, I was touched a hundredfold times! Thank you, Taiwan fans and everybody far away. 💙#taiwan #crayonpop

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Hello ❤️We’re in Taiwan🤓#snapchat

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  • CP Ranger

    Queenpin Way is always watching… I can’t believe she revealed herself to all of Taiwan! huh huh huh! 😀

    • Clay

      I wonder what that was about. Geummi looked surprised.

      • Additlike Rabbits

        She spotted MHJ in the crowd and was inviting him to meet Way’s Girls in the parking lot for an “attitude adjustment”.