170527 Crayon Pop Interview

Crayon Pop was invited to participate in the Golden Feather Awards ceremony on the 27th. “ETNEWS Starlight Cloud” went backstage for an interview, bringing with them bubble tea for the four girls. The beauties ignored their image and began sucking up the pearls, to the point of them nearly forgetting that they were on live stream. Member, Geummi, kept extolling how ‘delicious it was’. She also revealed that she loved sweet foods, and that she had been eating biscuits in the hotel until she dozed off.

Other than Soyul, who had just given birth, the other four members of Crayon Pop would appear
tonight at Taipei Xinyi District’s Golden Feather Awards. “ETNEWS” got wind of them not having the chance to taste Taiwanese delicacies in the past, and brought them bubble milk tea for them. The four happily used Mandarin they learned on the spot to say, ‘Thank you for the hospitality’.

Geummi was most professional. After penetrating the film with the straw, she had specially stirred it. She extolled how it was ‘sweet and completely what she liked’. One of the twins, Way, said that it tastes like coffee milk and that it was delicious. Her twin sister, Choa, loved the pearls and chewed in front of the camera.

Crayon Pop revealed that they usually love to eat sweet foods, especially Geummi. She had gotten into the habit of eating biscuits after her meals. Way, who was beside her, gave a shocking exposition of how ‘she would eat till she fell asleep’. Choa said that there would
be crumbs ‘left by the side of her mouth’. Geummi could only confess that when she was napping
in the hotel a moment ago, she had also ‘fallen asleep while eating biscuits’. Way exclaimed that it was ‘fascinating’.

Source: ETNews

  • Raphanus Sativus

    Way: Geummi unnie is pig!

    • Clay

      Did she say that? Ways jacket is pulling at the button to stay closed. At 1 minute she starts fussing with the button and touching her stomach.

      I’m glad they’re eating and they look beautiful but Way shouldn’t say anything. Look at her jacket. It’s pulling on the button to stay closed.🀣

      • apieth

        You are dead. Way is everywhere: Hail Minsun

        • Clay

          Suicide by Way.πŸ˜„

        • Clay

          Hey, it’s not like I said I love Moon Hee Jun. Let’s keep things in perspective. Lol.🀣🀣

  • apieth

    Geummi : eat hard, exercise hard γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹

  • h4iumb1

    It´s very obvious that they had a blast being together again 😁😁

  • MadOnCP

    Its great that even though it seems that some contracts have expired that they still have the time to get together for performances and interviews. They look healthy, strong and happy together too. Good on them.

  • CP Hwaiting

    That was hilarious.. they had no care that they were live… way/choa pulling hearts from ellin’s hair… guemmi/way showing heart near her tummy[probably inside joke about how much they love food]…. there is no other girl group so refreshing like CP.

  • Additlike Rabbits

    Crayon Pop revealed that they usually love to eat sweet foods, especially Geummi.

    Vitamin Geummi.

  • Jannina_N

    These girls can really make me smile c: ❀❀❀❀
    The reporter’s voice surprised me in the beginning of the video xp