170527 Crayon Pop At Taiwan Golden Feather Awards

On May 27th, Crayon Pop sans Soyul appeared at the Golden Feather Awards in Taiwan. You can see videos and photos from their appearance below.

Source: Twitter 1, Twitter 2

  • john

    actually its not the 17th .this is the very first. 17 is the app channel name

    • Genki

      Thank you.

  • Paul Nikel

    Great to see them on stage again been missing them too, Really enjoyed their performances of Doo Doom Chit & Bar Bar Bar 🙂 and they also did an awesome job too at interviews & the presenting of awards. ❤💛💗💙🔶

  • Clay

    They looked comfortable performing despite the extended time off. I couldn’t keep my eyes off Geummi and Choa. They looked beautiful and Geummis legs have a shape unlike the other members.🤤

    Can the 4 members ever top Bar Bar Bars success? That’s probably the big question that if answered yes to, they will stay together.

    • Jason Park

      Yes. I noticed Geummi’s legs too and couldn’t stop looking at them.
      I thought that was just me..
      Obviously not!

      • Clay

        I’m not into the stick legs. I’m glad all the members gained a kilo or two since they made the Doo Doo Chit music video. They all look healthier and more beautiful to me but it’s subjective. It depends what you like.

        • Jason Park

          Yes. I agree.
          Being a western male, I like ‘chunky’ girls. Not that you could accuse any of the Crayon Pop girls ever being chunky.
          But yes. I do know what you mean.
          Ellin has an amazing pair of legs too. As seen at the winter party. 🙂

          • Clay

            Did you see Ellins cover of OK by Strawberry Milk? She performs it with a member of Bob Girls.

            You should check it out.

          • Jason Park

            Yes. I’ve seen it already.

          • Clay
          • Additlike Rabbits

            Speaking of Yujeong of Bob Girls, if you guys like leggy girls, she’s still goofy and still looks great:

          • Clay
          • Additlike Rabbits

            There’s a blog called “Photoshop Disasters” that features dreadful distortions caused by overzealous photo editors. That top image of Yujeong is pretty close…her legs are long, but no human’s legs are that long… Unfortunately this is such a common edit that you see it everywhere, and once you know what to look for, you can’t un-see it…

            Back when crayonpop.me had a forum, we had a discussion thread about personality and personality types. I’m familiar with MBTI and I speculated on what each of the girls’ types were. Recently Jina of Bob Girls posted on her Instagram that she took the test and is an INFP. I guessed right!

          • Clay

            I deleted that photo. Not going to post altered photos.

            Isn’t Jina the member that got sick. What’s her account name? I’d like to see how she’s doing because she had a serious illness. I wonder if she agrees with her INFP test result.

          • Additlike Rabbits

            Her Instagram:


            For some reason both she and Dahye (now Migyo) regularly purge their Instagrams, a picture or an item may be up for a week, then they’ll yank it down (or set it to hidden). But Jina’s INFP result is still up so I guess she agrees with it. She always struck me as a quirky, idealistic daydreamer. Most of my close friends are IN– (introverted intuitives). My wife was an INFJ, I’m an INTJ, my best friend is another INFP.

          • Clay

            Thanks. Jina looks happy and healthy. Glad to see she’s doing well. It’s hard to tell if she’s still in the entertainment field from her account. A few pictures look like she might be modeling clothing.

            I never heard of that personality test. I’ll give it a try.

          • Additlike Rabbits

            Yeah, I’m not sure what Jina’s doing recently. She made a splash dancing in these two videos last year:

          • NeonMoon

            You like chunky, check
            out Soyul….she gained over 20kgs. After giving birth (according to Mr Moon)…a small butterball …lol

  • CP Ranger

    In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy went on a magical journey with a pair of Ruby “Red” Slippers walking on a “Yellow” Brick Road. Crayon Pop went to the Golden Feather Awards wearing “Yellow” outfits as they walked on the “Red” Carpet.
    “There’s no place like home.” ^_^

  • Jannina_N

    Thanks for sharing. I miss them :c 💔💔💔