170526 Way’s Instagram Translated

Friends Be.A’s album has come! Saw the MV and am in love 😍Infinitely repeating the song! #BeA #Magical #Honggyu #Yeongkyun #Milly #Ato #Bomb #Be.A #NewSong

Source: Instagram

  • Additlike Rabbits

    There’s an interesting article about Way in English here:

    Despite her newly-launched acting career, rumors that Crayon Pop is on the verge of disbandment have plagued Heo, as its members’ contracts with their agency expired in March. “We still haven’t agreed on whether to renew our contracts with the agency, but it is crystal clear that all of the members, including me, wish to stick together as Crayon Pop,” said Heo. “No matter how the result turns out, the past five years were the best in my life for sure. For now, I would like to focus on my acting career.”


    The artlcle glosses over details and seems to be meant for a general readership, but it’s interesting that she says “all of the members…wish to stick together as Crayon Pop”. Including Soyul?