170525 Geummi’s Instagram Translated

Geummi is promoting K-much’s redebut as Be.A. You can watch the MV for their title track here.

Finally, our Be.A-dongsaengs who have comeback😭🤗👊
Please give them a lot of love and attention.
#Be.A #MagicalRealism #YouAreTheBest #Honggyu #Yeongkyun #MILLY #Ato #BomB

Source: Instagram

  • Additlike Rabbits

    Watch, it will be a huge hit, Chrome will make $$$ and renew Crayon Pop’s contracts. Well, I can dream…

  • Jason Park


    Am I reading too much into the fact that two of the 4 girls have pushed a Chrome Entertainment brand item on their personal media?

    If they were not in contract or wanting to be, why would they promote Be.A?

    • Additlike Rabbits

      I think they were all friends. Bob Girls Jina also promoted their comeback on her Instagram. 🙂