170522 Ellin’s Instagram Translated

Flowers are always pretty🌸


Source: Instagram

  • Clay

    Ellin isn’t good at hiding secrets. These are flowers from someone she cares about.

    I hear wedding bells. I wonder who he is?

    • Additlike Rabbits

      Okay, who is the guy?

      He’d have to be a very special guy. If being intimate is “the most fun you can have without laughing”, well, can Elgu do anything without laughing, or making other people laugh? I have my doubts. Sounds like a 100% effective birth control method to me…

      • Clay
        • Additlike Rabbits

          Despite what Choa said, I wouldn’t say she’s dumb, just really really really really really goofy. 🙂

          • Clay

            I’m sure she’s intelligent. It took smarts and hard work to accomplish what she did.

            Did Choa call her dumb seriously or just teasing her?

          • Additlike Rabbits

            Ellin: Am I stupid or something?
            Choa: Yes, you are stupid. Didn’t you know?
            Way: You didn’t know? […] How could you not know that.


          • Clay

            Ellin is the unofficial visual so calling her dumb was a way to knock her down a peg. The twins are brutal.Lol.

            In the pottery making episode, Geummi told Choa her pottery had a child like schizophrenic feel and subtly gave Choa the middle finger during lunch.

            Same episode, Soyul attacked Choa for doing too much Aegyo in front of the male pottery teacher. I thought they were crazy when I first saw CP TV because they were either complaining or trading insults. Lol.

          • Additlike Rabbits

            Chrome played up Ellin’s ditziness – in the Saturday Night promotions they called her a “menboong girl” – lit. men-(tal) + boom (explosion). I’ve noticed that other groups have their menboong girls too, like Momo and Sana in Twice.

            Like really close sisters, they loved to give each other a hard time. The twins were brutal to everybody, but most savage to each other. LOL That was half of the fun of CPTV.

          • Clay

            I just realized they all sang Let’s Get Dumb. Lol!

            They’re all goof balls. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4eda0794562bce4cd0c9b921c99717c9deca45ff0b8f2392812e27df71a44d13.png

  • john

    Ellin posting flowers for a moment i thought she was with Choa, Way and mother