170513 Crayon Pop’s Last Schedule, Disbandment Undecided

On 13 May 2017, management agency, Chrome Entertainment indicated that its girl group, Crayon Pop, will proceed with their last schedule on 27 May. As for Crayon Pop’s disbandment, it has yet to be confirmed.

On 27 May 2017, Crayon Pop will attend Golden Feather Awards organized by Taiwan’s ATT SHOWBOX. Other than member Soyul, the remaining members will appear for a performance. The agency’s spokesperson indicated, “The currently confirmed schedule of the Golden Feather Awards is the last official schedule Crayon Pop will have as a group. As for whether Crayon Pop will disband after this, there is no confirmation about it.

In addition, other than Way’s contract which finishes in May, Ellin, Geummi, Choa and Soyul’s exclusive contract had ended in March. According to sources, Choa is discussing contracts with musical production companies, and a number of members are in discussion with other management agencies.

Source: StarToday

  • Noor Ahmed

    i wanna to see them again as crayon pop
    i hope to make album once in the year with the help of makestar ,plz

    • Additlike Rabbits

      i hope to make album once in the year

      That’s more often than when they were under contract. :-p

  • Raphanus Sativus

    Would love to see an overwhelming response to this performance to show the great love still sent to them from their many fans from around the world.
    Crayon Pop fighting!

    • john

      from what i know, this awards event they’re attending is only streamed online and will not have live audience attending .they are there as internationals guests maybe to perform a song or two. not sure if they are leaving straight after the event or doing anything else while they’re there.. hope we get to see them do a guerrilla performance or film a twin tv episode

      • CP Ranger

        Maybe the Popjeossi going there can gather around the venue while promoting Crayon Pop using guerrilla signs and a boom box. The organisers would be so impressed they’ll let in the Popjeossi to do fan chants while Crayon Pop are performing on stage. It’d be great! 😀

  • Additlike Rabbits

    I’d love to see them carry on as four but if it’s just going to be a side project, that’s a lot of work to do without much support staff. Chrome needs to invest more in the group, even if Makestar takes care of promotions.

    I always thought Bob Girl’s Jina would be a good fit if Crayon Pop lost a member, but I don’t know if she’s healthy enough for a full time gig. She has the right sort of quirky cuteness.

    When it looked like Geummi would be the first to run off and get married, I thought Danbi would be a good replacement, but she seems to have fallen off the face of the Earth. She kept changing her Instagram account, and now I can’t find her. Last year she showed up at Migyo’s fanmeet and sang one of LoveUs’s last songs, but after that, nothing…

    • Hachiko Medallas
      • Additlike Rabbits

        Awesome, thank you!!!! Love the LoveUs reunion picture on March 2nd!!! I was heartbroken when they disbanded.

  • CP Ranger

    Don’t worry Crayon Pop! I will sell all my worldly possessions to help fund a special fan album! You don’t have to promote on music shows, just come up with music releases and music videos.
    huh huh huh, just kidding. I need to eat. 😀

  • capa

    Just bring back Serang. Guemmi and Choa still keep in touch with her!

  • Abeamus

    “As for whether Crayon Pop will disband after this, there is no confirmation about it.” Chrome still trying to give the fans hope, the only way the group is continuing is the same way SES came back, just releasing a song doing a few interviews and such but not going on music shows.