170419 Crayon Pop’s Contract Completed

On 19 April 2017, Chrome Entertainment announced that four members of the girl group, Crayon Pop, have completed their contract and are currently negotiating the extension of their contracts.

It was previously reported that the twin sisters, Choa and Way, signed an exclusive contract with another agency that focuses on musicals, but it has yet to be signed. The agency that they are planning to join is known for having a top male musical actor.

As Choa and Way are looking for a new agency to find home, Geummi and Ellin, who are currently in preparations, will be continuing with new entertainment activities. Soyul will be taking a hiatus to focus on her marriage with Moon Heejun, in her recent marriage in February.

A Chrome Entertainment spokesperson expressed that, “The four members, Soyul, Choa, Ellin, and Geummi have finished serving their contracts last month, while Way’s contract ends in May. Until the end of next month, we will continue to undergo another round of negotiations on the extension of their contracts. It’s still too early to say that Crayon Pop has been disbanded. We will continue discussing with the members. There is also a confirmed schedule in May, and other than Soyul, who recently got married, the other four members will be participating in the activity. Soyul is currently resting at home and will not be participating.”

Currently, Geummi is involved in JTBC’s “Dream-stagram” as a narrator, Choa is involved in musical “Hero”, and Way is involved in musical “Jjampong”.

Source: Naver Entertainment, Joins.com