170419 Crayon Pop’s Contract Completed

On 19 April 2017, Chrome Entertainment announced that four members of the girl group, Crayon Pop, have completed their contract and are currently negotiating the extension of their contracts.

It was previously reported that the twin sisters, Choa and Way, signed an exclusive contract with another agency that focuses on musicals, but it has yet to be signed. The agency that they are planning to join is known for having a top male musical actor.

As Choa and Way are looking for a new agency to find home, Geummi and Ellin, who are currently in preparations, will be continuing with new entertainment activities. Soyul will be taking a hiatus to focus on her marriage with Moon Heejun, in her recent marriage in February.

A Chrome Entertainment spokesperson expressed that, “The four members, Soyul, Choa, Ellin, and Geummi have finished serving their contracts last month, while Way’s contract ends in May. Until the end of next month, we will continue to undergo another round of negotiations on the extension of their contracts. It’s still too early to say that Crayon Pop has been disbanded. We will continue discussing with the members. There is also a confirmed schedule in May, and other than Soyul, who recently got married, the other four members will be participating in the activity. Soyul is currently resting at home and will not be participating.”

Currently, Geummi is involved in JTBC’s “Dream-stagram” as a narrator, Choa is involved in musical “Hero”, and Way is involved in musical “Jjampong”.

Source: Naver Entertainment, Joins.com

  • NineDaysQueen

    I’m dead inside

  • Fran Robayna

    My heart is broken! Oh my girls. 🙁
    I still hope that they will come to Argentina :’)

    • Nando

      Lamentablemente eso nunca va a pasar. No creo q lleguen a vender ni 100 entradas, yo soy capaz de renunciar a mi trabajo para ir a verlas pero no va a pasar :(, x cierto soy de Tucuman 🙂

  • Carlos

    Sad but not too surprising. Would love to see them do one last guerrilla!

    • CP Hwaiting

      What I would love is to have the Crayon Pop brand continue. They could start put new member into the group and keep the same CP style.. That would be he best thing for Kpop coz Kpop needs CP..

      • h4iumb1

        K-Pop doesn´t deserve Crayon Pop. Bops like “FM” and “Doo Doom Chit” flopped and the girls never got the recognition they deserved for their uniqueness and creativity while generic girlgroups from big companies top the charts with “hits” straight out of a musicmaker app.

        • Nando

          100% agree, K-Pop doesn’t deserve Crayon Pop at all, i will never understand why they were always so underrated. But the sketchbooks deserve them because they’re awesome too, so i have hopes.

  • Nacho Bidnith

    At this point, about the best we can hope for is that the girls sign non-exclusive contracts that will allow them to pursue future activities as Crayon Pop while earning a living pursuing other activities.

    No matter what happens in the future, I will always remember the joy and happiness these young women brought to me. They allowed me to turn away even if for a brief time from the harsh realities of life, and escape into their world where hard work and perseverance paved the way to success and bringing joy into the life of others.

    Each of them is special in their own way and I feel certain that each and every one of them will continue to bring happiness into the lives of everyone that knows them.

    Thank you for the music, Crayon Pop. You brought much joy into my life.

  • B

    I’m not crying, YOU’RE CRYING.

  • Drakis07

    I will talk for my-self only. Our girls have give us lot of happy years and in my heart Crayon pop will always be my number one favorite k-pop group whatever they decide to disband or not. Since they seem to still be in negotiation for their contracts with Chrome, i will still keep and have hope that Crayon pop will continue for a few years at least 1 or 2 years. If it’s the end of Crayon pop this year, i will always keep those wonderful and happy years with them in my heart and in my soul and my meeting with them in 2014 in my precious memory.

    But that being said no matter what those girls decide at the end, i personally will always follow and support those 5 girls that i consider them all my little sisters in whatever they will do in their life. So no matter what, let’s not be sad, but happy for the girls because i know that us being sad will make them being sad too. So let’s give us all the love we can give them and thank them for the wonderful and happy time that they gave us as Crayon pop. That is all.

  • derKAHLE

    Please stay with us

  • CP Ranger
  • Additlike Rabbits

    Well, that’s clear as mud. So basically we’re still in a holding pattern.


  • CP Ranger

    Just in case everyone missed this portion of the news: “There is also a confirmed schedule in May, and other than Soyul, who
    recently got married, the other four members will be participating in
    the activity.”
    So, be prepared for a trip (fan rumour is that it is in Taiwan) if you want to see Crayon Pop one last time. Although, there might be fan focused events in the future if the constant Makestar polls with Crayon Pop are any indication.

    • john

      Is kpop still banned in China? If so, Taiwan would be the next best option.. When I first read that I thought the word activity meant “contract negotiations” meaning only the 4 members are considering a renewal….but yes I do hope we get to see them perform again

      • CP Ranger

        I certainly hope this “confirmed” schedule in May is a public performance of some sort that fans can go to watch. Unfortunately, I do not have a fancafe account, but other fans have mentioned that Crayon Pop’s individual schedules have not been posted. So, we still have to wait and see how everything unfolds.

  • ElCho

    I read that girls want to be still a team and twins asked Chrome for let them play in musicals so CEO said that he will find a agents to find for them a good roles Ellin and Geummi will focus for their individual promotions to promote group like twins and Soyul will stay withe Moon. Even Ellin on one instagram live said that Crayon Pop is getting ready for comeback. And Way said that no disband so hey don’t spread rumors that CP will end soon. They’re too grown up for childlish conceots so umm Chrome please give girls more mature conceot. Thank you

    • adg127

      Could you provide a link where Ellin said about a comeback?

  • Brandon Lim

    dark day for me, I still hope for the best…

  • Cloaked Bandit

    I personally feel like when their schedules permit we’ll see more of Crayon Pop. They’ve had an interesting year, to say the least.
    I’ll stay optimistic. Maybe we will never get another album, but if you don’t think you’ll ever see them preform again after next month then I’ll have to say you’re crazy. That may well be out of this fans denial. We’ll see.

  • Nando

    I’m very possitive about it, but the waiting is killing me, till the next month i will keep watching all the videos i have about them, they are important part of my life so i will always suport. CP still fighting

  • Nando
  • Clay
  • Blair

    When you’ll never get to see all five of them together live. 🙁

  • Jason Park

    I really do hope they continue.

    I took the Winter Party as my one and only chance to meet the girls. Partly due to me living in the UK and the expense of getting to Korea. But. Also that they might not continue as a group. 🙁
    CP as a unit are ‘old’.
    Even a lady in a shop i was asking merchandise from in Korea just said..”Crayon Pop?! Old.. Very Old!”.. lol.

    New music from CP? I don’t know. I hope so.
    Replace Soyul? Could work. Maybe one of the old ‘Bob girls’. I believe a few of them were friends.
    In all honesty. I’d love to hear more vocals from Geummi and Ellin.
    They have always been under utilised in CP and they both have awesome voices.
    I want to hear the Geummi and Ellin song that was shelved from the Evolution Pop Vol 1 album.

  • john

    Not sure if this has been brought up…but does this new comeback of K-Much/Be.A play any part in deciding the future of Crayon Pop?
    If their comeback is successful, then good luck to them they deserve it. but, if it falls below expectations,maybe the company will need Crayon Pop to make a comeback to #SaveChrome

    • Additlike Rabbits

      Disclaimer: this is just my speculation.

      I expect that K-Much is still under contract (i.e. legalized slavery). If so, then they don’t cost much to keep around. They just added a new member, amusingly named Bomb, so it looks like everyone is committed to carry on. On the other hand, their comeback is thru Makestar so that suggests to me that Chrome doesn’t have the resources to finance a comeback on their own.

      I suspect that either Chrome is trying to save every cent in order to afford new contracts for Crayon Pop…or, they’re already broke and they’re squeezing every last drop out of whatever assets they have left…

  • Capa

    It’s over. I’ve grown older and changed, and it’s clear the girls have matured into womanhood and are no longer the adorable cuties they were in Bar Bar Bar. But I’ll always remember how they black-hole-sucked me into KPop and the joy they gave me for 5 years of daily you-tubing! Hopefully I’ll get to meet one or two of them one day!

  • Jannina_N

    I hope they at least have one more comeback to say goodbye to fans :'(