170419 Chrome’s Statement On Crayon Pop’s Fan Cafe Translated

Chrome Ent. left a message on Crayon Pop’s fancafe titled “Hello, this is Chrome Entertainment”

Hello, this is Chrome Entertainment.

Thank you to those loyal fans who loved Crayon Pop.

We would like to apologize for press articles concerning news about Crayon Pop’s dismantling that came in advance today.

It was not specific to Crayon Pop’s renewal.

Thank you for understanding that we did not provide official information.

Until the point of Crayon Pop member’s Way’s May contract ends, we will continue in discussions with the members. Please come to the official fan cafe, and we will announce about the member’s future.

Thank you.

Source: Crayon Pop Fan Cafe

  • CP Ranger
  • Nacho Bidnith

    Does this mean they’re still trying to come to an agreement to keep them together? Are they stringing us along for another month? I don’t know which is better, knowing or not knowing. I really hope they find a way to keep them together, even if it’s on a non exclusive basis.

    • CP Ranger

      I do not see any real gain in purposefully stringing fans along for another month. I believe Chrome Entertainment is sincerely trying to work something out with the members.

      It is obvious now that the new CEO took over the company with Crayon Pop having only one year left on their contract. He invested a lot, and everyone put in a lot of work, to create a FULL album for the comeback with a two song promotion. (Vroom Vroom MV please :p)

      Unfortunately, Soyul’s situation ended what was most likely going to be a 2nd quick comeback to keep Crayon Pop on everyone’s radar.

      Most business people might have cut their losses at that point. But, this statement makes me think the CEO has something planned for the future.

      Your suggestion of a non-exclusive contract sounds promising because it would allow the members to find companies that specialise in their solo pursuits, like Choa & Way’s musicals & plays.
      Crayon Pop have always been resilient. We’ll just have to follow their example and see what unfolds.

      • Nacho Bidnith

        I really appreciate your thoughtful reply to my comment. Since our girls are unlike any others in the K-Pop business, if anyone would ever be the first to do something like have non exclusive contracts with an agency, Crayon Pop would be them.

        As well, as a small independent agency it would make sense for the people at Chrome to do whatever possible to keep an established act together, even if it means allowing them an unusual amount of latitude to pursue other activities.

        One thought that I had last night, as I was trying to deal with the news that broke yesterday was, given the success that Choa has had with her musical theater career, and Way with her recent role both on the TV show and now the musical that she’s in, I wonder if either of them still have the appetite for the grueling life of an idol.

        None of us outsiders can know what’s going to happen, but no matter what it is, I will support them as Crayon Pop or as individuals and hope for their happiness and success.