170415 Way’s Instagram Translated

During practice, a snack truck came!! Thank you, our #HuhTwinsDotNet 😊😍😋All the actors stayed strong and worked hard.  ❤️🙌The best the best! #Play #Jjambbong pre-sale has started! Come on and watch🍜 #Shindorim #PrimeArtHall #Jjambbong #Jina #Way

Source: Instagram

  • Raphanus Sativus

    I bet she gets some light-hearted ribbing from the other actors over those crazy Waylanders! 🙂

    • Raphanus Sativus

      Then, of course, they enjoy their Way-snacks!

    • Clay

      The director and producer must have known the fandom would follow Way. They bought the entire package when they hired Way. Lol!