170411 Ellin’s Instagram Translated

The cake says “Happy Birthday Young from Mother”.

Thank you mama😘

#Surprise #LovelyWonderWoman

Source: Instagram

Ellin is referencing the fictional character, Pippi Longstocking

I’m Pippi.


Source: Instagram

  • Additlike Rabbits
  • CP Ranger

    Wow, Ellin’s mom is a genius! She knows English AND Japanese? Now we know where El-Genius gets her smarts from. 🙂

    • Clay

      You would be surprised how much confusion the cake inscription caused on Instagram.

      Some people think Ellin is pregnant. Some people think Ellin baked a cake for her mother. They are reading Young as an age instead of a name. Lol.

      • Additlike Rabbits

        Some people think Ellin is pregnant.

        LOL!! Yeah, that’s the perfect way to inform the fans…announce it on a birthday cake!