170408 Geummi’s Instagram Translated

With the cool Jisoo-teacher🙂
Teacher’s writing always gives off positive energy ~~~🙏🏻♥️#IfYouSmileForcefully #LaughterWillOccur

Source: Instagram

  • Darling17

    Acting class?

  • Raphanus Sativus

    And here I thought GEUMMI was tall! lol

    • Additlike Rabbits

      She’s 165cm = 5’4″. That dude on the right must be about a foot taller.

    • Drakis07

      i can tell you that they are all small, that was my first shock when i met them in person, well i’m 5’8″ that’s maybe why i’ve found them small. lol

      • Raphanus Sativus

        I guess I’m used to seeing her next to the rest of Crayon Pop!