170404 Way In Kim Dong Jun’s Instagram

It seems Way will take part in the theater performance, Jjambbong. Jjambbong are Chinese style noodles with vegetables and seafood. The play, Jjambbong is a dark comedy that covers the Gwangju Democratic Movement of May 1980. The events surround a Chinese restaurant.

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Midst of #TheatricalPerformanceJjambbong #Profile filming!!! #ShindorimPrimeArtHall From #5/11 to 7/2 #TheatreTroupe  #KimDongJun Little production ^^

Source: Instagram

  • h4iumb1

    very interesting – i am looking forward to it 👍👍

  • lapdogg4030

    Leave it to Way to combine her two favorite loves, acting and food.
    Stay strong girls.

  • Clay

    Why is the play set in a Chinese restaurant and named after a Chinese noodle? China practices Communism but this South Korean movement is considered a step towards democratization.

    I have to see this with English subtitles. I really hope it gets uploaded onto YouTube or something.

    • ezekiel

      because jjangpong is one of the most popular chinese food in korea..

      • Clay

        I don’t think that’s it. It might have to do with the competing political ideologies of the Korean people. People died for their beliefs. This is not about a popular food dish.

        The setting and title compels the audience to think of Communist China. To what end, I dont know. We have to see it to know more.