170404 Ellin’s Instagram Translated

Ellin is thinking about cutting her hair. She expressed a want to cut her hair during Doo Doom Chit era in this Vlive video at 6:10.

Short hair syndrome…:0

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Source: Instagram

  • Helicopter Parents

    I thought this was a cute length for Elgu (her infamous “Chucky” look):

    • Clay

      It looks like she cut it. The hair behind her ear looks cut to me.

      But the translation says she’s thinking about it. Maybe the translation is a little off.

      • Genki

        She said in a Instagram Live that she’s too afraid to cut it, even though she wants to do it.

        Also, you can see her hair running down her neck. The hat is probably containing her bangs and sideburns.

  • lapdogg4030

    In an other V_live broadcast all members expressed a desire the cut their hair after winter was over, now their work environment has changed minds my change.

    What I thought of when I saw the blond wig in Vroom Vroom was the old logo for Dutch Boy Paints. Google DBP- check images I wasn’t sure about copyright laws.