170401 Geummi At Seoul Fashion Week

Today, April 1st, Geummi by herself attended Seoul Fashion Week.

Source: Hei News, News 1, Hei News 2, Hei News 3, Newsen, TV Daily 1, Star Daily News 1, Star Daily News 2, TV Daily News 2,

  • Juliana Ocampo


  • Drakis07

    OMFG, That girl is not human, she is either a angel or a goddess sent to us to bless us with her perfect beauty.

  • Helicopter Parents

    Like candy coming out of a wrapper. *_*

  • h4iumb1

    I just want to mention that she was driven to the event in the same van from Chrome Entertainment Crayon Pop always travelled in – whatever this means. You can see it on her Instagram.

  • Way’s Girls Recruit

    Work it Geummi! That blue carpet got nothin’ on you.

  • Paul Nikel

    it’s great we are also getting to see Geummi more often too & she is looking awesome too πŸ™‚

  • M Arif Zainuddin

    shes soooo stuning

  • Noor Ahmed

    so pretty
    i hope to see her in drama and movies

  • Giosrt Giotrs

    when I saw for the first time these pictures I had a stroke.