170328 Ellin’s Instagram Translated

👀 #Individual #Pictorial #Old #Ellin #ellin

Source: Instagram

🍫🍿🍬 #Photo #Pictorial #Individual #Ellin

Source: Instagram

  • numetal_militia

    So effing beautiful ❤❤❤
    But what does she mean by #individual?

    • een

      She’s the only one in the pictures.

      • Helicopter Parents

        That’s how I took it. I doubt they will drop hints about the future of Crayon Pop.

    • termyt

      Good question, right? No news on their contracts that are reportedly up this month with only 2 days left.

      Is she hinting at her future or just being our lovely, ditzy Ellin?

    • robertrickett

      Ellin may be the least prepared if Crayon Pop disbands, I’m hoping and praying for her to find something that will keep her in entertainment and connected to her fans. She is such a sweetheart.

      • Helicopter Parents

        It must be very tough on her. As far as I know, her family lives in Daegu while the entertainment center of SK is Seoul; to stay in the business she’ll need to live in Seoul. Very expensive city.

        • robertrickett

          I looks like she’s plans to start a YouTube channel. I’m looking forward to it. She’ll do well. She always had a way of keeping CPTV fun, I will definitely be a subscriber.

  • Nacho Bidnith

    There’s something magical about that top picture. Every time I see it, I can’t help but stare at it. I think it shows her beauty just as well as any of the best posed professional shots she’s ever had done. Stunning!