170327 Way’s Instagram Translated

There is also a video of shrimp cooking in Way’s Instagram post, but there is no way to save it or copy it that I know of.


Shrimp 😍

Source: Instagram

  • Clay

    That looks good. I wonder if Way eats the tail shell. In Japan, they just eat it.

  • Giosrt Giotrs

    @Genki it is easy: on firefox open the video in a new tab, open the information page, select media and you find the video in mp4 format, save it.

    I hope I was clear despite my poor english (google translate 😂).

    • Genki

      I’ve already tried that. The mp4 doesn’t show up, because of the Instagram’s slideshow function.

      • Giosrt Giotrs

        each photo is like a separate page, so you have to go to the photo of the slide (movie) you want, enter the information page and this will appear in the list.

  • een