170323 Way’s Instagram Translated

Watching the news, and I couldn’t not tear up.. ㅠI’m hoping the salvage is a success and those nine people can be returned as soon as possible!! Strength to those families!

Source: Instagram


  • Clay

    Keep discussing topics that are important to you Way. You are becoming the most interesting member in the group.

    I hope the families find the closure they’re looking for.

  • Frothy

    I am sorry, but what subject is Way speaking of?
    Some tragedy?
    ~ thank you

    • Helicopter Parents

      The Sewol ferry has been retrieved and the wreckage is on its way back to port. There are still nine people still missing, and presumably their remains are somewhere on the ship. The search effort is slated to last a few months.


      • Frothy

        Oh wow yes I remember this from 3 odd years ago. But only now retrieval.

        Thank you for this information Helicopter Parents.

      • Clay

        When I first saw Ways post, I thought it was exhaust from military jets or missiles. The translation on Instagram was wrong and Way sounded fearful.

        I thought she was in danger. Seriously, I thought conflict had broken out in Korea. She scared the hell out of me with this post.

        • john

          if there are any tensions it will be headline news from all over the world not just on a kpop stars social media page

          • Clay

            I don’t watch fake news.