170322 Ellin’s Instagram Translated

This is Kalguksu

Staff who had a feeling I was starving because of my friend who requested  ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Do not starve….(There’s one more Kalguksu)
#Bossam #HongdaeKalguksu&PigsFeet #GangnamBranch

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The “Delivery Nation” Ellin mentions in her post seems to be a food delivery service similar to Uber Eats

Friend’s request..:( #DeliveryNation #DeliveryNation

I lost my card so my friend ordered food for me and on the side note she was ordering from she added~ “please hurry my friend is starving” lol #goodfriends

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I lost my card and I am baffled. My friend who lives in Daegu is giving me the bossam I want to eat… ❤️I did not order noodles but noodles were added. 👍🏻
(My wallet is in Seoul..) #HaEunie #Hani #DeliveryNation #DeliveryNation Meokbang

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