170316 Ellin’s Instagram Translated

My knees are tired.. #adidas

Source: Instagram

  • Nacho Bidnith

    Makestar is currently running a poll asking fans to choose their favorite “visual” member of their favorite girl group. There is no prize or award for winning, just the satisfaction of “your girl” doing well in the poll.

    Right now, our lovely Ellin is leading in the poll over Stellar’s Ga young, but her lead is shrinking and she needs your help. The sign up process for Makestar is easy, and you can vote once per hour. The poll is located at https://www.makestar.co/polls/41

    I think all of us are anxious right now about Crayon Pop’s future but if we can’t do anything else, we can at least show our support for Ellin in this poll. Thank you.