170312 Geummi’s Instagram Translated


Source: Instagram

  • ian chan


    • Clay

      Yup. Geummi looked hot at Soyuls wedding and the Winter Party. Her voice is lovely too. So distinct.

      • Jason

        Geummi has an awesome voice.

        Sunlight is a beautiful song.
        She and Ellin are underutilised in Crayon Pop.
        I wish we’d got to hear the Geummi / Ellin duet that was dropped from Evolution Pop V.1.

        • Clay

          This is the first time I heard of a Geummi/Ellin duet. I’d love to hear it if it’s available.

          When I heard Geummi was narrating for a TV show it made perfect sense because her voice is so unique.

          You went to the Winter Party. Did Geummi sound the same in person?

          • Drakis07

            For having met them i can say that yes they all sound the same in person. I know that you asked Jason but i was faster answering lol 😛 Oh and indeed Geummi has a calm and sweet voice very perfect for narration and ballad songs too.

  • Helicopter Parents

    Last night I dreamt that Crayon Pop got signed by a much larger, established agency (for example, JYPE). I very seldom remember my dreams. I dunno…

    • Clay

      I guess anything is possible. It’s mid March now. We should hear a verdict soon.

      Soyul being married doesn’t bother me at all. I’d still follow Crayon Pop and buy their albums but people more familiar with KPop and Korean culture say Koreans will not accept a married idol.

      • Helicopter Parents

        …Koreans will not accept a married idol

        I’m sure that’s a factor, but I think it’s more likely that Soyul won’t want to rejoin the group. Her marriage to MHJ has given her more attention than her membership in Crayon Pop in recent times. With the Sfunbox commercials, she might decide that appearing together with MHJ could do more for her career than being one of five girls in a mid-level KPop group. She’s said repeatedly that she’d like to try a solo career.

        If it must be, I’d be happy if they carried on as four. DDC worked fine without her. Soyul was a strong vocalist though, so Way, Geummi and L9 would need to take up the slack (Choa is already strong).

        • Clay

          It really stinks. I liked them when Bar Bar Bar went viral but fell in love with them just a year ago and now they are on the edge of disbanding.

          I’m just waiting to hear what their decision is. I never followed a celebrity or idol in my life but somehow I feel vested in these girls careers now. We’ll know more soon.