170303 Ellin’s Instagram Translated

Isultoktok is a brand of flavored alcohol. Ellin is drinking peach-flavored Isultoktok

Because I am eating with you, I am not lonely… #CrazyGirlfriend #Isultoktok #MyFriend

Source: Instagram

My first time drinking alone..
Not bad..:) #Isultoktok #DrinkingAlone #TheyWillLaughIfIGoToPartiesWeekly

Source: Instagram

  • Clay

    Should I be concerned that Ellin is drinking alone and posting it on Instagram at 2 am? It’s not the worst thing but when she talks about being alone and people laughing at her, I feel sad.

    Maybe the translation is wrong. I don’t know. But her idol career is facing new challenges and I’m sure it’s stressful.

  • apieth

    3% only~ poor Ellin

  • Paul Nikel

    Looks cool, don’t have too many lol we need a comeback 🙂

  • Helicopter Parents

    I don’t drink, but I believe these are called “hard sodas” in the USA.