170219 Crayon Pop’s Winter Party

Crayon Pop had their Winter Party, which was funded by fans through Makestar. They performed “Bar Bar Bar” and “Doo Doom Chit” in their on clothes.

There was a cooking session with fans, to which Geummi is said to be the best, and Ellin the worst.

A sign event.

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A post shared by CHENWEI (@kfchan726) on

There was a hug event.

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More pictures can be found here.

Source: Psan Twitter

  • Wojcik117

    I would really like someone who attended this to tell me: was this event executed well enought for that amount of money? I just wanna know your opinion, that’s all.

    • Clay

      Come on guys!!! Please tell us the scoop. Did the event meet your expectations? What is Crayon Pop like in person? Dish out the details. Lol! I want to know too.

      • Jason

        I was there.

        For me. It was a LOT of money.

        I traveled from the UK to meet Crayon Pop.

        Spent 17hrs on flights to get back to the UK.

        That’s not including travel time to and from the airports, waiting times and various other delays.

        For me, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet them on a one to one basis.

        Get a signature.

        Shake a hand.

        Look them in the eyes.

        Get a hug!!!!

        I got a Hug from Ellin, Way, Choa and Geummi!!!!

        Was it worth the money?


        Yes it was a LOT of money.

        I made a holiday of it and spent a little over a week in Thailand too.

        All in all, I spent around £3,000!!

        Money came out of my savings; and to make matters worse. I am currently unemployed!!

        But how often do you get to meet someone like this on a level like this?

        I got a Hug from Ellin, Way, Choa and Geummi!!!!
        Money was worth it just for the hugs.
        Proper hugs too. Not weak girly hugs!
        Ellin gives awesome hugs!! If she has a partner. I am so jealous of him!!!


        • Clay

          Sounds great. I found some posts on Twitter and they agree with you. They said they are looking forward to doing again so it must have been fun.

        • GFriend

          Agreed. #YOLO

    • Jason

      Was it well executed?
      – Yes.

      My only gripe would be that we were not allowed to get personal items signed.

      Many of us brought personal items for the girls to sign.
      I wanted to get a Strawberry Milk CD signed for my son.
      ( I did buy him a set 3 too ) – But would have been nice to have had something dedicated to him.

      I also brought my copy of ‘Pop in Book’ which I would have liked the inside cover signed and dedicated to me.

      Other fans brought items too. Sadly. None were able to get these items signed.
      I appreciate that the girls have limited time but with planning I recon it could have been done with minimal time taken.
      There were around 28 – 30 fans at the party.

      That is my only real gripe. 🙁

      Other than that.
      Translation was handled well ( I speak nor understand Korean ).
      Time with the girls was good.
      Their food was excellent! Yes! They cooked for us!


      • Clay

        Management should have let them sign a few extra items considering you flew from the U.K.. I’m guessing the flight was only half the battle since you don’t speak or read Korean. How did you get a cab or take public transportation? How did you order food or make your way around Korea with the communication barrier?

        You put a lot of effort into going. I went to Japan but my wife is Japanese so she took care of everything. I don’t know how you did it. Lol!

        • Jason

          It would have been nice to get some of our items signed.
          If done right it could have been done quickly.

          As for going to Korea.
          Most signs were in English too.
          The train ticket machines had buttons for korean,English ,Chinese and Japanese i think.

          Shops.. Hand over what you want to buy or point.
          Restraunts habe menu’s. So just point at the picture. Again most were in english too.
          Most shops use a till or calculator to show how much.
          But quite a few people speak varying degrees of English.
          Most understood.. 🙂
          Subtitles would have been nice for “Hero” but i still followed the story.

          I didn’t use a taxi.

          Subway maps were in Korean and English.

          I didn’t have any problems.


          • Jason

            I wasn’t the only european there.
            There was a chap from Germany too.
            As i said. It was expensive. But i went to Thailand too.
            As i was in the area.. lol.

            I went as I’m having a mid life crisis. 🙂

    • Sean

      I do have some complaints about the party. This has nothing to do with Crayon Pop as they were as sweet and kind as anyone would hope for.

      The itinerary for the party mentioned we would have a polaroid photo session (group, member of choice). The polaroid photo session was 1 group photo and there was no member of choice photo. The photo session were pretty rushed so they didn’t use flash and my photo came out very dark. If I knew they weren’t going to do the member of choice photo, I would have asked Choa for a picture earlier on in the party.

      The other issue I had is what Jason already mentioned. We weren’t allowed to get additional items signed. It also didn’t help that the photo that was provided to us for the fansign was pixelated. My guess is they gave us the photo since we were already getting the latest album presigned and it would be easier for personalization on the photo.

      I’m sure all of us who attended made some wonderful memories. The execution just left some still to be desired. We did spend a good amount of money to attend the party so I don’t think it’s unreasonable to hope that we would get everything the itinerary described.

      The fact that I have a dark photo really bums me out. They could have had another staff member taking our photos with our own camera at the same time that the polaroid photo was being taken. I really don’t think that would have taken much more time. Also, it would have been great to be able to see all of the photos that were taken at the event and download any photos that included us.

      Aside from the issues described, it was an amazing experience being so close to Crayon Pop. They were extremely attentive and kind to all fans.

  • Rustam

    Фото русский скидывал что ли?

  • Clay
  • cp_wh

    To be honest I find this hard to watch. I feel for them as it seems like a desperate attempt to keep Crayon Pop afloat.

    • h4iumb1

      Doesn´t look like this to me at all.

  • john

    i guess they’ve only rehearsed doo doom chit and bar bar bar as a 4 member group. so we havent seen a lot of their other songs in a while

    • Jason

      They’ve done FM live since Soyul went M.I.A. but they just did it without her. So the choreography was lop sided. 🙁

      To be fair. The stage they used at the winter party was tiny. I’m sure if you watch the video you can see Geummi was tripping over the others as the stage was so small.


  • john

    did only a selected number of fans got to cook with them in the kitchen? did they draw a number to see who gets that chance or did the fans volunteer themselves?

    • Jason

      Rock Paper scissors.
      Who ever beat the Girl on your table.
      Won the opportunity to cook with her.
      And it was whittled down to one.


  • Paul Nikel

    From the video’s and photo’s looks like it was a successful party :), And it looks like everyone enjoyed it & I am pleased for those who were able to go.
    C r a y o n P o p !!! 👊😎