170216 Choa’s Instagram Translated

Place I go to when hungry in the morning.

Source: Instagram

  • Brandon Lim

    This is morning? She starts her day real early! poor thing…. still looking good doh.

  • Paul Nikel

    There is a spare seat at the table 🙂

  • Paul Nikel

    well deserved after working so hard as Ling Ling, but don’t forget 🙂

    Ling Ling the star = Choa ⭐️

    Choa ⭐️ + Ellin ⭐️ + Way ⭐️ + Geummi ⭐️ + Soyul ⭐️ = Crayon Pop Super⭐️s

    Crayon Pop Super⭐️s = Infinite Awesomeness!!!

    • Clay

      Does the name “Crayon Pop” belong to Chrome? I’m wondering if the girls can take their name with them if needed.

      • Paul Nikel

        Sorry Clay for not getting back quickly, I am not sure myself but hope that will be the case if things don’t work out for them for whatever reason, I hope they will sign soon not long till March now…