170206 Ellin’s Instagram Translated

I slept but..Can’t sleep…:(

Source: Instagram

  • Mark

    Poor thing, hope she gets some good rest soon.
    She’s been having sleeping problems for a while already.

  • so

    whats going on?where is chrome?what are they doing with ellin’s case?why the don’t get her into a hospital and ask professional help?it is long time already.she was working while having Insomnia and she seems getting worse she looks tired and sad.why there isn’t any official statement about her health already?

  • Paul Nikel

    Sleeping Problems are awful (yesterday I have even had the light on at night I felt really unwell like I was going to leave this world it made me feel a little more relaxed) I hope it’s nothing serious too. Ellin Fighting!!! play some slow relaxing music in the background maybe it can help. And see the doctor if it’s more serious.

  • Wojcik117

    “Hmm, I can’t fall asleep. What should I do? Ah yes, livestreaming at 4am seems like a good idea” 😀