170202 Choa After Hero

Following the 2 Feb. performance of Hero, Choa had a fan meeting. You can watch it and the curtain call below.


  • ezekiel

    choa fighting!!!^^

  • Giosrt Giotrs

    looool, I remember that hat.

  • Nacho Bidnith

    There’s something magical that happens when Choa is appearing as her character Ling Ling. Her makeup, her hair, that dress and the way she radiates on that stage is something as close to perfection as I can remember seeing.
    I hope someday they’ll make a video of the entire play or even make a Blu-ray DVD for sale because I would certainly buy it.
    With all the uncertainly surrounding Crayon Pop and their contract expiring in March it’s comforting to know at least our MinJinChoa has a clear path of success ahead of her when the time comes for Crayon Pop to end.

  • Helicopter Parents

    She looks like she lost weight.