170123 Ellin’s Instagram Translated

Free Your Mind

Source: Instagram

  • Clay

    Ellin is holding an album by Cut Copy called Free Your Mind. In the music video for the title track called Free Your Mind, everyone is wearing sweat suits similar to what CP used to wear. Is it possible CP was influenced by this video? Or maybe Ellin just likes the album covers message. I won’t post the video because I found it distasteful and really freaking weird but here are some still photos.

    • Nacho Bidnith

      I think the girls were in track suits before this video, but who knows for sure? It does seem odd that Ellin would hold up that album cover if there wasn’t some connection, but like I said, who knows?
      Maybe if we play their songs backwards, there are hidden clues that will reveal the truth? 🙂

  • Clay
  • Helicopter Parents

    That looks like a vinyl record, maybe she’s just wondering what it is. 😛

    • Clay

      Music was created to fit the format of the time which was vinyl. Now everyone knows if you want the original sound as it was intended to be heard by the artists who created it, you have to listen to it on vinyl.

      Can’t believe I threw all my old vinyl away. Uggghhhh!