170120 Way’s Instagram Translated

#Musical #Hero #LingLing #CrayonPop #Choa #HuhMinJin
For independence!!!🇰🇷It was really really inspiring. Musical Hero!
Please come and watch my sister’s performance❤️
#SejongHallforPerformingArtsMainHall #AnJungGeun #YangJunMo #JungJaeEun #LeeJungYeol #HuhMinJin

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If there are no tears, there is no soul ! #ForIndependence🇰🇷
#Musical #Hero I watched really well. It was very inspiring! Best👍

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  • Nando

    I’ve never stealed anything but i would steal that poster and Choa would be like “nigga stole my poster”

    • Helicopter Parents


    • CP Ranger

      Well, yes, if shw saw you stealing the poster she would very literally say, “니가 (niga) stole my poster!” huh huh huh 😀

  • ian chan

    her finger should be 5 inches to the left and 1 to the top.
    that’s where our Way intent to point at

    • CP Ranger

      Actually, Way is pointing to where Choa’s smirk would normally be. huh huh huh (ツ)