170119 Choa after “Hero”

Choa met with fans after her first ‘Hero’ performance.

Picture Source: Babaway

  • Deplorable Bidnith

    As I watched these videos of our Princess Choa both on stage and afterward as she was greeted by her fans waiting to present her bouquets of flowers and gifts, I couldn’t help but remember back to the early days of Crayon Pop as shown us by CPTV.
    Maybe it’s because I saw them from their beginning through CPTV, but from the time I discovered these wonderful girls, I’ve felt a bond with them, and a personal interest in their success like I’ve never felt with any other entertainer ever before.
    There had to be countless times when she, as well as the other girls had to wonder if they would ever realize their dreams of success as entertainers, and the drive they had to have to succeed that has enabled them to achieve what they have done so far.
    Sure, there have been, and still are other bands, and singers, actors and athletes that I’ve liked, but never before have I felt the same about them as I do about these lovely ladies of Crayon Pop. I adore Davichi, and Gong Hyo Jin, to name just two, but I don’t feel the same sense of pride and happiness for their successes that I feel from seeing Choa making a name for herself as she is in this musical Heroes.
    Watching her face as the cast was making their encore, I could almost feel the sense of pride and happiness she was feeling there on stage surrounded by many people she has probably been a fan of, looked up to, and suddenly realizing that she was there with them, as one of them. I can only imagine what that must feel like but it makes me happy thinking that it’s happening for her. I hope that feeling never goes away, for either of us.
    Unless Crayon Pop makes another trip to Los Angeles the chances are good that I’ll never meet any of the girls in person but that’s OK, I’m happy following them from afar, wishing for their success and being happy for them when they achieve it.

    • CP Ranger

      Very well said. ^_^

    • apieth

      You and i have a similarity.
      I’m always thankful to know them.
      I adore them and Loved them so much like my own siblings

      • Nacho Bidnith

        Knowing of your devotion to Crayon Pop for almost as long as I’ve known them, I’m grateful for your compliment. As far as fans of Crayon Pop go, you are truly one of the best!

    • Drakis07

      I kind of feel the same way, i see them not just as singers, idols and girls group but as they are my 5 little sisters and friends and meeting them in person in 2014 has made the bond even deeper and stronger. They are 5 wonderful human beings and amazing, hardworking young girls with a good and strong head and heart that i love with all my heart probably forever. That’s why even thought there is lot of other k-pop group that i love like GFriend, Crayon pop will always be number one in my heart forever.

  • CP Ranger

    Choa says: Thank you! ^_^


  • Clay

    Choa is involved in a performance of major scale and scope. How can she go back to Doo Doom Chit style videos after Hero?

    I have a feeling Hero might spur more change with Crayon Pop than Soyuls wedding. Big changes are looming. I’m optimistic but holding on tight. Lol!

  • apieth

    Choa and her fake bangs~
    Glad she didn’t have the real one.
    New fans gonna riot, coz they couldn’t distinguish the twins hahahaha

    • Nacho Bidnith

      She looks so beautiful in the video from the musical, but I kept wondering, “why does she look so Chinese?”