170109 Choa’s Musical ‘Hero’ Showcase

The musical, ‘Hero’, had a showcase streamed live on V LIVE. Catch the Choa cut here!

  • h4iumb1

    Well done Huh MinJin 👍👍

  • ezekiel

    musical actress Huh MinJin

  • Raphanus Sativus

    So proud. It seems fitting that she is in this show as the talented Huh Min Jin and not only as Idol star Choa. It validates her personally as an artist, more than just recognition of celebrity.

  • Noor Ahmed

    hope to see her in more musical shows

  • Deplorable Bidnith

    I’m no expert on musical theater but from what I see, Choa’s first musical was the kind you see in a neighborhood playhouse, and from there she’s gone straight to the Korean equivalent of Broadway.
    Hero looks like quite an elaborate, big budget production. This surely has to be a good sign for her acting career, both on stage and hopefully TV and movies.
    I’m so happy for her success, it feels like I did something good.

    • Nando

      i know that feel bro