170101 Ellin’s Instagram Translated

Lower-body bathing😝
Came out of it already ..(JungJung)

#Lower-bodyBathing #2017

Source: Instagram

  • ezekiel

    lower body bathing!? LOL..

    • Clay

      I had to investigate. Here is a lower body bathing tub. Unlike a tradional bathtub that can be uncomfortable for your legs and waist, you can sit upright in this. This tub also needs much less water to fill up so you save hot water.

      It improves circulation and all around well being and health.

      • Deplorable Bidnith

        My lower body is tingling just thinking about her lower body sitting in a hot tub of soapy water.

        • Clay

          I know and the way she is glancing sideways at the camera with her tongue slightly sticking out is pretty darn hot. Bath time with Ellin is the best post I’ve seen here. LOL!

  • Clay
  • Clay

    Wow. This lower-body bathing reveal by Ellin and playfully lying in bed afterwards is driving me nuts. Ellin is my new bias. Lol!