161220 Makestar with Crayon Pop Live

Crayon Pop held a live session with international fans, hosted by Chinese Crayon Pop fan, jiaye88.

  • Steve

    Gosh darn, I totally forgot this was today. Damn timezones.

  • Clay
  • John Vawter

    I couldn’t sit through it all.

    • Paul Nikel

      It was annoying Makestar had technical issues, and I think even being cooped up in a small room wasn’t the best, I also feel that Makestars translator should have been on camera too, (to one side).
      But I did enjoy it :), It was great to see Crayon Pop Live and it was great to hear their answers too and jiaye88 did do a great job too but they should have adjusted his mic volume for him.

    • john

      is that a negative comment ? or because you were busy

  • Drakis07

    I wish that i could have watched it but right now i’m very very sick, i got a bronchitis, so i pass more of my time sleeping and cough.

  • Nando

    “This video is private” 🙁

  • robertrickett

    I hate to say I was disappointment, but the ratio of sharing was 40
    minutes for the host and 10 minutes for the girls. Perhaps, it would have gone better if they had taken the time to do a mock broadcast. Practice and preparation usually help reduce nervous rambling.