161219 Crayon Pop’s Official Instagram Translated

You know about the search event for an MC #Makestar with #Crayon Pop live, right?
The event selected an MC out of the fans, will be interviewing the #CrayonPop members
and communicate with all the global Star Makers🤗
Crayon Pop will communicate live with the viewers! Make Star will deliver it vividly to you!
Live Schedule : 20 Dec, Tuesday, 3 PM (KST)
The live broadcast can be accessed through Make Star’s homepage❤️
Please participate lots🙇🏻‍♀️
#Geummi #Ellin #Choa #Way #makestar #LiveBroadcast #chromeentertainment

Source: Instagram

  • ezekiel

    today we got idol party, tomorow we got make a star live broadcast!!! yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^^

    • Clay

      Just to inform everyone, it’s already Dec 20th in Korea.

      Take a minute to convert Korean Standard Time to your local time or you’ll miss it.