161208 Crayon Pop’s Answer Set #2 for AMA

Makestar previously asked fans to post questions on the comment board, and now the second set of answers are provided!

  • h4iumb1

    “The greatest thing was that the five of us met each other as Crayon Pop.. it´s amazing..” Yes, it is. 😍 And “General Way” even wants to go back in time to meet the other members sooner. 😂

    • John Vawter

      “General Way” even wants to go back in time to meet the other members sooner

      “Hi! My name is Min-Sun and I’m from the future. I know we’re just in elementary school now, but one day the five of us will be touring America with someone named Lady Gaga!”

      Rest of the girls: “Get outta here ya weirdo!”

    • CP Hwaiting

      I m no expert .. but they are so genuine. It wasn’t like they were saying things for TV.. When General Way said she wanted to meet members sooner.. I was like ” Damn.. Friendship goals right there”

  • Juliana Ocampo

    Super CutEee

  • Juliana Ocampo
  • Aloha

    Geummi admitted it’s difficult being a celebrity because they have to watch what they say and do.

    She just cleverly told us why they were avoiding the deeper more meaningful questions asked by fans. They are being coached to keep it superficial and avoid controversy.

    This is not ask Crayon Pop anything. This is softball. I’m a little disappointed because I wanted to get to know them more. That’s okay, I still love them.