161201 Soyul’s Message on Daum Fancafe Translated

Soyul posted a message on the official Daum Fancafe, titled “To all Fans”. This is the first post she made ever since she revealed her marriage plans with Moon Heejoon.

Firstly, for causing fans worry and concern, sorry…
My thoughts might differ from the fans, so for there to be such a huge misunderstanding, for those who cherish Crayon Pop and fans who protect us, I wanted to inform you of my intentions first. This intention of mine was misunderstood, so I was quite hurt. A comeback after 1 year and 6 months, I should have shown my healthy and energetic side to meet everyone, but over the past few years, my body and mind must have had suffered from fatigue..
I have been receiving proper treatment, and while resting, I have been reading the supportive messages posted on the fancafe. It is thanks to these messages that I’m doing better. Thank you to all of you.
For the sudden news, I think I gave everyone too much of a shock..
My heart is heavy and I keep thinking over and over again about how this has upset all of you.
To the fans who always encourage me, paying attention and loving me unconditionally, I’m very thankful of it.
To repay the unchanging love for me, to be able to stand before you as Soyul, Crayon Pop’s maknae, I’ll work hard.
I love you. Thank you

Source: Daum Fancafe