161126 Fans knew of Moon Heejoon-Soyul Marriage


The news of former H.O.T. singer Moon Heejoon and Crayon Pop’s Soyul’s announcing their marriage in February next year has recently been attracting much attention.

A recent online community board, DCinside posted a message titled “Looks like (Crayon Pop) fans already knew of Moon Heejoon and Soyul’s marriage”

In the publicly-released photos, it was revealed that fans already knew about the relationship between Moon Heejoon and Soyul from October 3, before they announced their marriage.

After the surprising news of Moon Hee Jun and Crayon Pop’s Soyul’s wedding plans, Crayon Pop fans are saying that they knew about the two singers’ relationship all along.

Back when Soyul announced that she will be taking a break from Crayon Pop activities due to her panic disorder, DC Inside Crayon Pop Gallery fans had written multiple posts that mentioned Moon Hee Jun’s name. One fan had written back in October after the hiatus news: “Moon Hee Jun, I will forgive you if you guys make it to marriage. If you guys break up, I will not forgive them. I might become a psychopath.”


Not only that, many other Crayon Pop fans had written about Moon Hee Jun, implying that they suspect that the real reason for Soyul’s break was her relationship with Moon Hee Jun, not panic disorder.

One post’s title is, “Is it really because of Moon Hee Jun???” Another says, “Did Moon Hee Jun give her a hard time?” All the posts are written right after Soyul’s announcement of panic disorder.

Moon Hee Jun recently announced his plan to marry Soyul in a handwritten letter to the fans. The official story of their relationship is that they first met 2 years ago and began to date since April of this year.

Source: Munhwa News, AllKpop

  • John Vawter

    “If you guys break up, I will not forgive them. I might become a psychopath.”


    “Did Moon Hee Jun give her a hard time?”

    So to speak.

  • Juliana Ocampo

    Creo yo: soyul es una mujer seria que cree en el sexo después del matrimonio, eso seria algo razonable..!!

    • Lupe Fuentes

      Lo dudo, al parecer estuvo embarazada y abortó, además las estrellas coreanas viven en escándalos sexuales cuando están en pareja.

      • Nando

        “al parecer estuvo embarazada y aborto” jajajaja

  • ian chan

    hey, think about it, Crayon pop is out of the norm already to begin with.
    Seem like the fans already knew and accepted it.
    A married idol, why not!
    The age of idol must stay single has long passed; it was so last century!!
    Only an idiot will believe those boys and girls have no relationship at all.

    • Aloha

      A married woman making aegyo? That’s a hard sell.

      • ian chan

        i am ok with it.
        you can’t be ok with Britney Spear married at 25 but absolutely denounce Soyul’s marriage at 25 also, claiming she can’t do what she does after marriage.
        That’s double standard.

        • Aloha

          I’m okay with it too but it will be harder to market CP to a younger audience with married members.

          • Giosrt Giotrs

            Younger audience?

        • CP Hwaiting

          Korean general public can’t handle it!

        • Papi Ricky

          You can’t compare american superstar with korean ones, the markets and cultures are so different, besides,there’s no ONE kpop superstar married that can continue with the boy/girl band, and the few that tries fails (wonder girls).

          The best thing that chrome can do it’s end soyul’s contract and keep going with the other 4 girls.

          • ian chan

            Yes it is different. However if we all accept the world as it is, not chasing for what it “should be” and “will be”,
            Nothing gonna change.

          • robertrickett

            If Crayon Pop listened to all the warnings regarding things they couldn’t do because no one has succeeded before. They would have disbanded 100 times. Seriously

    • john

      Maybe her husband can be in the crowd leading the fan chants

  • Soso Bolous

    Well!! Any other member dating news!! We should ask korean fans LOL

    • NeonMoon

      come on now, they are 26 years of age, and Geummi the oldest at 29. I will join the monastery if they are still vestal virgins…lol..it’s a domino effect sending ripples through out the group… things happen in 3s..when the dike starts to leak, you know what happens next…lol…I will always be a CPop fan no matter what happens..let’s hope they stay together for a long time.

      • John Vawter

        Well, if they go down to three (the twins + Elgu), they could call themselves 3 Minute (Min-Young, Min-Jin, Min-Sun).