161126 Crayon Pop Twins’ reaction to Soyul’s marriage

Crayon Pop member Choa expressed her well-wishes towards Moon Heejoon and Soyul’s wedding announcement.

In an exclusive interview with K STAR on the 25th, Choa said, “The two of them match each other well. Congratulations.”

What Choa had to say for her prospective brother-in-law, Moon Heejoon, “Before Soyul introduced him to us, we already knew him as a good senior because we had done a program with him in the past.”

Soyul had temporarily suspended activities in October due to a panic disorder. Towards the situation regarding the announcement of Moon Heejoon’s marriage with her a month later, the members dismissed rumors about disbandment. Choa said, “Nothing has been decided yet”, while other member, Way strongly denounced it by saying, “No disbanding.”

Source: Naver News