161125 Moon Heejoon and Soyul’s ‘007 Love’

An article from Korea Times reported on Moon Heejoon and Soyul’s secretive love.

They were extremely ‘cautious’. Moon Heejoon’s name was saved as “Yul-sunflower” on Soyul’s cellphone according to acquaintances. They also often called each other, confirming their love for one another. Moon Heejoon’s agency, KOEN Stars, have confirmed that they have been good friends since two years ago.

The relationship between the two of them began three years ago. Moon Heejoon and Soyul met for the first time in the cable channel QTV’s “Eunhee Clinic”, which Moon Heejoon emceed. Soyul had appeared as a guest of the program together with the other members of Crayon Pop. Despite the two of them having different periods of activities as singers, they often met on variety programs and became friends. In 2014, Soyul also participated in Mnet ‘Moon Heejoon’s Pure 15+’.

As singers, their meeting places were performance venues. It was reported that Soyul went to his solo concert in June.

Last month, Soyul suspended group activities due to anxiety disorder. Moon Heejoon then became a pillar of strength for Soyul, who debuted more than 3 years ago, when she began to suffer mental issues. They began officially dating in April and decided to get married recently. In her handwritten letter informing fans of the news, Soyul professed her love for Moon Heejoon as “somebody who loves me and holds me dear”.

Both idols did not inform their agencies, and announced the news by posting on their respective fan cafes. Chrome Entertainment said the members were surprised to hear the news of the marriage. The two had decided to get married independently, without talking to their agencies and announced it themselves. Both agencies do not know anything about a pregnancy.

H.O.T members were happy for Moon Heejoon. Kangta found out during his live radio show and said “They are the first idol couple in Korea! However it feels a bit strange, like someone in the family is getting married. I’m happy yet reluctant.” On the other hand, Tony An found out through a colleague’s post on the company’s SNS congratulating the marriage and said, “Heejoon-ah, I want to be the marriage ceremony’s MC…”

Update: According to HeraldCorp’s report, fans of Moon Heejoon were already “mentally prepared” for his relationship with Soyul. That was because this year happened to be Moon Heejoon’s 20th anniversary since debut. In the many concerts held from January to November, they would see Soyul appear at the VIP stands. During the September concert, Moon Heejoon’s mother also came in person. Fans had also witnessed Soyul sitting beside Moon Heejoon’s mother, accompanying her and leaving the venue, looking like a good daughter-in-law. Rumors have it that the fans had already “accepted” Soyul, hence, it was not revealed to reporters.

Source: Korea Times, HeraldCorp

  • ezekiel

    mix feeling right now.. i hope soyul can have a nice conversation with crayon pop members and chrome..

    • GBuster

      Yup. The timeliness of this revelation, combined with her absence from the group for medical reasons, is odd. Imo there was more to her absence from the group than Soyul is letting on.

  • ger.1

    what the heck both agency and members didn’t know a thing?why not tell even her members?omg my 4 poor girls must be really surprised!!!choa,way,ellin,gummi tnx for your hard work always with you!!!!

    • John Vawter

      The other girls always said that Soyul was a very private person…I just never expected her to be this private. You could knock me over with a feather right now.

      • Ahjusshi

        That’s no way to treat your bandmates! I’m sure they must have known!

        • ian chan

          i think they knew they are together, come on even some fans knew back then.
          but marriage would be a surprise i guess.

        • Pasi Tappola

          I think that they at least suspected it from the beginning.
          In Sukira Relay Talk 14 June 2014 one of the questions was “Member who you think would get married first is?” and answer was “Soyul!”. With subs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vg33IwH3ENY

    • Jyunkai

      It’s non of their business if she doesn’t want to tell them.

      • ger.1

        LOL..things doesn’t work like that in kpop groups.marriage is a quite serious thing itself and even more when you are in a band.i am a fan of crayon pop years now and always believe that cp girls themselves and with their company are family more than any other group in kpop due to their history together.the first thing she had to do was to tell her company about her marriage and then her members.they didn’t know about it and that its odd.she is not the only one in the group there 4 other girls that worked really hard for this comeback.they must really felt anxious about their last minutes changes in this comeback due to her “anxiety disorder”but thet manage to finish their promos.this whole sudden thing could bring damage for the group.when you are in a group you work like one…

        • WAY_TOO_HOT

          all i’m going to say is love is complicated.

      • guesst

        yeah, potentially risking their careers isn’t their business… then it’s not her business if she gets fired, right?

  • Jair__castillo

    Since it was sudden, I hope there are no problems with chrome, and I thank your partner for supporting her recovery, I as a Fan and as a person I hope they are very happy <3

  • Mike

    Yul-sunflower is a damn cute nickname.

  • h4iumb1

    Wow, the update is really interesting. Fans of Moon Heejoon daebak for not snitching on them πŸ‘

  • Nayul

    New CP member when?

    • Juliana Ocampo
    • Aloha

      I’d love to see a new member infuse creative energy into the group which the other members can thrive off.

      Chrome has a decision to make. They can watch their market share shrink away or see this as an opportunity for Crayon Pop to expand and broaden their appeal.

      What do you think they will choose?

      • Wojcik117

        Just imagine how would the fandom react if they did such thing.

        • Aloha

          The fandom will go through a grieving process. They will get angry and throw a hissy fit. Shortly after that they will come to understand that Chrome has to do what’s best for the remaining 4 members and for the fandom as well.

          True fans will finally accept that Crayon Pop needs to evolve and no single member is greater than the whole. Soyul left. Wish her well and let her go.

      • john

        What about arisa , she was picked years ago but never used, does she speak Korean?

    • ElGu

      If that would happen they’re working perfect in 4 members. Girls are doing well when they are in 4 so new member is doesn’t need. And CP win with 51% malestar poll so it’s not an almost. People sadly don’t know CP because they’re not comercial? Promotion with DDC was not saticfied. Where was an episode with them on Weekly Idol? On radio auditions? Why they cut their scenes from cooking show? Because in Korea people want to see a good young product to buy just like Twice or Gfriend or BlackPink or Red Velvet. I know that they’re not want to do a sexy or cute concept but sadly not on this music bazaar. With cute concepts girls could be big in Japan but they’re in not a good company in Japan. I’m with them since their debut and I know the reality in business in Korea if they want to be bigger than bar bar bar era they had to find a good compositor make comebacks often than after the year and half do good play with people with teaser of comeback do collab with somebody popular be in more variety shows. Sadly I really love girls but when you’re a kpop idol you must change from person to product. Strategy is important

  • Firefall

    This is a very well written article. It answered all my questions without invading too much into her private life. Very glad to hear that he supported her in her recovery and also his fans have accepted Soyul. Also loved this comment: “They are the first idol couple in Korea!” She just beat everyone in Korea lol. Now I can truly say that if she is happy, I can be happy for her.

  • Juliana Ocampo

    the gif not represent nothing bad, we all happy for you marriage- but all has been a increible Wo.oW, you sick and now πŸ‘«.. i’m shocked https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/141cf8acc4e8d19cfb60cf5fee324b9fa6322b4dee167cc79fa4e82c1753a7a6.gif

  • h4iumb1

    Statements from Way (“We will not disband.”) and Choa (“They fit together very well.”) πŸ‘πŸ‘


    • Paul Nikel

      it really does sound like Soyul will be back, I can’t wait to see the 5 of them on stage together again πŸ™‚

  • cp_wh

    Soyul is basically out the group, my guess is that she won’t return. Is she pregnant? it’s probable but who knows, her marriage seems rushed and you can draw your own conclusions. For sure her indefinite hiatus was due to some significant issue. I take panic disorder reason with a grain of salt. I feel sorry for other members for her absence/departure, it’s really bad timing but that said, i think this marriage announcement is positive news for Soyul and all fans should support her and wish her the best.

  • namisu


  • guesst

    maybe this guy is using her. hope not, but this whole thing is just bizarre…

  • NeonMoon

    Based on Elgu’s saying that Soyul is not pregnant, the real story maybe is that….Mr. Moon was caught being naughty and our little pepper flipped, went ballistic and got so stressed out–couldn’t perform.. Way sent her pit bulls and gave an offer he could not refuse … He came running back on his knees and proposed…. Either way it really is a Shotgun wedding !!!….lol … At least Soyul will be back and the Yong (Dragon) Pop gang lives on….lol

  • Neuralcircuit

    Can’t deny I’m a bit shocked. And of course there’s speculation of this being a shotgun marriage. They waited with the announcement till just after the Doo Doom Chit promotion. The other girls must have known. Just hope it all turns out for the best. Of course I wish only the best for Soyul and Crayon Pop.

  • namisu