161125 Moon Heejoon and Soyul’s ‘007 Love’

An article from Korea Times reported on Moon Heejoon and Soyul’s secretive love.

They were extremely ‘cautious’. Moon Heejoon’s name was saved as “Yul-sunflower” on Soyul’s cellphone according to acquaintances. They also often called each other, confirming their love for one another. Moon Heejoon’s agency, KOEN Stars, have confirmed that they have been good friends since two years ago.

The relationship between the two of them began three years ago. Moon Heejoon and Soyul met for the first time in the cable channel QTV’s “Eunhee Clinic”, which Moon Heejoon emceed. Soyul had appeared as a guest of the program together with the other members of Crayon Pop. Despite the two of them having different periods of activities as singers, they often met on variety programs and became friends. In 2014, Soyul also participated in Mnet ‘Moon Heejoon’s Pure 15+’.

As singers, their meeting places were performance venues. It was reported that Soyul went to his solo concert in June.

Last month, Soyul suspended group activities due to anxiety disorder. Moon Heejoon then became a pillar of strength for Soyul, who debuted more than 3 years ago, when she began to suffer mental issues. They began officially dating in April and decided to get married recently. In her handwritten letter informing fans of the news, Soyul professed her love for Moon Heejoon as “somebody who loves me and holds me dear”.

Both idols did not inform their agencies, and announced the news by posting on their respective fan cafes. Chrome Entertainment said the members were surprised to hear the news of the marriage. The two had decided to get married independently, without talking to their agencies and announced it themselves. Both agencies do not know anything about a pregnancy.

H.O.T members were happy for Moon Heejoon. Kangta found out during his live radio show and said “They are the first idol couple in Korea! However it feels a bit strange, like someone in the family is getting married. I’m happy yet reluctant.” On the other hand, Tony An found out through a colleague’s post on the company’s SNS congratulating the marriage and said, “Heejoon-ah, I want to be the marriage ceremony’s MC…”

Update: According to HeraldCorp’s report, fans of Moon Heejoon were already “mentally prepared” for his relationship with Soyul. That was because this year happened to be Moon Heejoon’s 20th anniversary since debut. In the many concerts held from January to November, they would see Soyul appear at the VIP stands. During the September concert, Moon Heejoon’s mother also came in person. Fans had also witnessed Soyul sitting beside Moon Heejoon’s mother, accompanying her and leaving the venue, looking like a good daughter-in-law. Rumors have it that the fans had already “accepted” Soyul, hence, it was not revealed to reporters.

Source: Korea Times, HeraldCorp