161124 Soyul’s Message on Daum Cafe Translated + Marriage Announcement

Soyul posted on the Daum fancafe with a message titled “Everyone!” where she announces jointly about her marriage with H.O.T. member, Moon Heejoon. Moon Heejoon has professed to be a fan of Crayon Pop many years ago and have worked with them numerous times such as “Pure 15” with Soyul alone and with Ellin and Soyul. Crayon Pop has also appeared on Moon Heejoon’s debut episode of his variety show “Eunhee Clinic“. He had also asked Soyul for Honey Butter chips as part of his mission on “Shopperman

Hello it’s Crayon Pop’s Soyul. Time has gone by so fast and it’s almost winter. You guys are staying healthy and well right? I’ve been doing well due to the warm support of all of you guys and other fans. This is a bit sudden but today I’m going to say what I need to first. You might be surprised but…I feel like my fans are the first ones I should be telling this to since they are the ones who give me the most strength, this is why I am writing this. I’m very nervous right now as well but..I’ve met somebody who loves me and holds me dear and we will be marrying. It’s very sudden but this is a choice in my life I’ve pondered a lot. I hope you guys could support me and bless us. The marriage won’t be the end, I’ll continue to be here for you guys and I will come back as a better Soyul in order to return the love I have received all these years back. Thank you very much!

-Crayon Pop Soyul-


Moon Hee Jun announced his upcoming marriage in a handwritten letter to his fans, and it was later revealed in reports that his fiance is actually idol star Soyul. He wrote, “I’m an adult, but writing this, I feel like I’ve really become an adult. [My fans], I’m going to marry. It’s another thing that’s changed between us, but for me, you know that you’re always first and you’re precious to me, right?”

In an official statement on November 24, Koen Stars acknowledged the news must be shocking to many, revealing, “Moon Hee Jun and Crayon Pop member Soyul will hold their wedding next February.” The label also revealed Moon Hee Jun and Soyul had a good sunbae-hoobae relationship with one another since 2 years ago and only began dating this past April.

However, Crayon Pop’s agency Chrome Entertainment has stated, “Currently, we’re unable to get in touch with Soyul, so it’s difficult to confirm the news. We’ll make a statement after we get in contact with her.”

Currently, this news is trending on Naver, with “Soyul” ranked #1 on the real-time search, and “Moon Heejoon” the second.

Source: Daum Fancafe, Instiz, AllKpop 1, AllKpop 2

  • ezekiel

    shocking news for me.. but congratulation to soyul..^^

    • dukpoki

      i feel the same way. I’m shocked. But i’m happy for her if she’s happy.

  • vericon

    wow, think this has something to do with why she left the group? I know my friends teased me she was probably pregnant but maybe she is?

    • CP Hwaiting


    • Unlikely, since the wedding is in Feb. Assuming she got pregnant sometime in Aug or later, she would be showing.

      • Juliana Ocampo

        you don’t know that??

  • h4iumb1

    Congratulations!! I wish them all the best and a happy life together. Great news, we all should be happy for SoYul.

  • apieth

    I’m so shocked
    I was prepared for Geummi’s marriage news because of her age.
    I can’t believe Maknae Soyul do this to me.
    I’m not ready
    I can’t breathe
    My best wishes for you, Soyul ah.
    You should be happy with your decision to get married in such young age.
    But don’t leave Crayon Pop and don’t leave us
    I beg you

    • CP Hwaiting

      “2016” just doesn’t shut up.. wtf.. I feel so sorry for the other girls..

    • robertrickett

      I feel the same. I hope and believe Soyul plans to stay with Crayon Pop. A lot of comments have assumed she can’t be married and be an Idol too. Why not? Other countries do it all the time. Kpop contracts usually make it hard for idols to pursue their dreams of love and family, but it’s not a fair business practice. Performing artists shouldn’t have to leave their craft to fulfill their relationship needs and their desire to have a family. Nor should they be forced to stay single in order to continue their careers. If they loose fans the agencies loose money, so many agencies have made it punishable to pursue such things. Hopefully Chrome and Crayon Pop fans are not as selfish and they will continue to support Soyul, without denying her the opportunity to have a special love and personal family in her life.

  • Z

    I glad she’s okay but I am still very surprised. I thought they weren’t allowed to date, hopefully she isn’t leaving the group.

  • Noor Ahmed

    i hope happiness for you

  • Jim

    As a long-time popjusshi, I feel like someone just kicked me in the gut. Although I suppose that feeling’s nothing compared to dilemma and hardship the other 4 girls must have felt during the latest promotion, knowing everything but being unable to tell loyal fans the truth. Suddenly feeling betrayed and wanting to give up CP altogether. Hoping I’ll feel differently next week.

    • h4iumb1

      i hope so too, because we all should want that the girls live a happy life and should not be feeling betrayed by a news like that.

    • vericon

      I feel similar, especially if this turns out to be the reason she left. I felt bad for her when they announced her disorder, ,if that turns out to not be true I’ll feel betrayed for sure.

    • Jannina_N

      But the rest of the girls don’t have the fault of what happened :c

    • robertrickett

      For a healthy high energy 25 year old woman, not having the freedom to date and pursue relationships is not healthy. The Kpop industry makes it difficult for young idols to pursue dreams of having a family, while in the industry. If idols loose fans, companies loose money. So many young woman quit when the need surfaces. An artist shouldn’t have to leave their craft to have a family, or be forced to stay single in order to continue their carriers. Both Soyul and Moon value their fans and intend to continue as performers. This means, as fans. we can continue enjoying Soyul’s voice, personality, and tenacity. Let’s hope her new step fans will fall in love with her much as we have.

  • rotocrash

    Wishing the best for SoYul and her husband to be. I am happy to hear SoYul say she will return.

  • BA

    Actually I don’t think she’s pregnant but who knows… If she were pregnant probably married immediately not 3 months later. Plus she definitely has anxiety disorder because Chrone Entertainment officially announce.

  • GBuster

    Certainly as surprised as anyone else by the news, but I wish her the best.
    (But this also answers why she has been on hiatus imo.)

  • derKAHLE

    Wow, this is shocking. Yes I’m happy if she’s happy, but this is a bit disappointing to be honest. Ah, I’m just a mere fan, what do I know. Congratulations Soyul, hope you’ll find happiness.

    I did promised you guys a drawing of our girls. And I need to apologise because I don’t think I will able to finish it. Been struggling with works and personal matters. And to make it worse, I hurt my hand few days ago. Once again I’m sorry for not able to keep my promise. Hope I can draw again in a near future. Thank you.

  • Cloaked Bandit

    I read they have been dating since April. I’m sure he is good to her if she has been seeing him for these past eight months. I wish them good fortune in their future together.

  • Juliana Ocampo

    Como cuando estas enferma y resulta que te casas..!! nos ha trolleado Soyul.
    Como sea espero que sean felices los 2 y Crayon Pop siga como siempre con 5 integrantes.
    Guemmi que tu no seas las segunda pls..! espΓ©rame.%

  • ian chan

    I guess this is how every father of a bride-to-be feel.

  • Brandon Lim

    I will just take it that she was really suffering from panic disorder and Moon had been by her side this past month, showering her with care and helped her walk out of it. Soyul was touched so when he suddenly popped the question, she couldn’t help but agreed!

    Moon looks like a good guy, he’s definitely funny so that will be good for Soyul. Wishing them all the best and I will continue to support CP no matter what. To those who felt betrayed, the remaining girls are innocent, they still gave their all despite the sudden changes so don’t give up on them just because of what happened.

  • Way Home

    Wow, surprise!, i really hope they will be Happy.

  • Firefall

    TBH my feelings are so mixed up right now. Did she fake her illness or is he helping her through it and that form the strong bond? On the one hand, I hope she faked it because I sincerely want her to be well and happy. On the other hand,if it’s true, it’ll be just so so much more romantic and seem like he’ll really be good for Soyul. There’s no right or wrong. Sometimes in order to fool those we need to, we have to fool those we really don’t want to. IMHO, she just need to come clean, one way or the other. Congratulations Soyul. πŸ™‚

  • ron8

    my heart just shut down. wat the heck?!?

  • The Finn

    No. Nope. No no no. Dogdammit.

  • west99


  • way_too_hot

    When you realize she’s basically marrying a Popjusshi.

    Mind. Blown.

  • Way’s Girls Recruit

    My goodness! Not Geummi, but maknae Soyul! Never would of have guessed! I seriously thought the news was for a reality show like WGM. However, I am extremely happy that Soyul has found someone that sincerely cares for her to the extent of considering marriage. I mean, I’ve been dating my SO for 5 years and honestly marriage is such a distant, yet nerve-wrecking topic. For them to share the news with their fans must of took a lot of courage 😭! Congratulations my beloved Soyul! We fans will await patiently for your return (after your wedding that is πŸ˜‹).

  • ezekiel
    • Aloha

      At least this is more interesting than the Makestar questions the girls answered. They cherry picked the easy ones. πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

  • Wojcik117

    What’s also interesting is that at first Chrome stated: “Currently, we’re unable to get in touch with Soyul, so it’s difficult to confirm the news. We’ll make a statement after we get in contact with her.” (source is allkpop.com)

    • h4iumb1

      never trust allkpop πŸ˜‰

  • John Vawter

    In one of their vlive videos the Crayon Pop girls revealed that only the twins + Elgu still lived in the dorm, and Geummi and Soyul lived separately on their own. I thought Soyul moving out was rather odd. Geummi has expressed a desire to get married, and plus she has a little dog, so I wasn’t surprised about her, but Soyul too? Now it makes sense. In any case, whatever the details, to my own surprise I am unconflicted about this. If she loves this guy, that’s all that matters, I’m happy for her!

  • Aloha

    Originally I thought this news would be bad for CP because the fantasy of them being single and available is important.

    But since Soyul is marrying someone 13 years older, Popjusshi now have hope for the remaining members. The fantasy has become real.

  • Mygiwi

    Good news ! Surprised… But happy for you !😍
    Happy at one condition πŸ˜‰… SoYul , your bangs are so
    Iconic ….. So, continue to be aYongpop !

  • Raphanus Sativus

    I feel pretty mixed up right now, but it doesn’t matter how I feel about it. It’s how she feels that matters. She’s so sweet. All the best to her.
    He better be good to her. Of course, if he’s not, I’ve been watching “Dream Team” and I’m pretty sure she could wrestle him to the ground and beat the snot out of him…

  • Jair__castillo

    Today I woke up with this news, and I saw that many are sad, but I am happy to know that she will be happy, I hope this helps you a lot to recover. The wedding is in February, they should get married in the winter party XD okay no LOL


      I know right! This should be good news. I don’t understand why some people are sad. If my sister gets married tomorrow I will be so happy, not sad.

  • forgot my pw
    • ezekiel

      long before this.. LOL

  • MadOnCP

    Congratulation to Soyul and Moon. This was a big surprise. Any idea when CrayonPop contracts are up? I’m getting some bad vibs.


    • Aloha

      I agree with your intuition. Its a tough reality no one wants to hear but its doubtful Soyul will return in the same capacity with CP previously enjoyed.

      She may still appear with them but it will be limited and if I’m wrong then I’m pleasantly surprised.

  • Daebak Jjang

    H.O.T Take (I had too): RIP Crayon Pop

    I’m sure we all want happiness for her but as for her career as an idol it’s all but over. I feel bad for the group as they will surely be dragged down by this (fair or not). I can’t see them lasting for long seeing how they aren’t doing well to begin with since Barx3.

    This is a very selfish decision on her part. Before disagreeing, let me explain:

    Looking at it through the perspective of being an idol, it’s not a good move. Idols in essence are “married” to their fans. Meaning that fans should be on the top of their priorities together with making good music. Soyul I guess took this too literally(based on reports). At her age as an idol, marriage should be one of the last thing she should be considering (unless she plans to quit). Clearly she has not thought this through (seeing as Chrome cannot contact her) unless circumstances tells otherwise (a.k.a got knocked up).

    What kind of image would it bring to the group knowing their maknae is already hitched? And the dynamic of the group is totally changed. If she does indeed continue, who will she rely on when she’s having issues with her marriage? None of the unnies can give her advice or be relied on completely. She has to rely on other people which can lead to being distant with the members and there’s nothing worse for a group than the members not being close. The more you think about it the more probable it is that she is indeed pregnant. I mean in the middle of promotions after almost 2 years, she has to withdraw (cause of anxiety disorder) and then all of a sudden she’s getting married after? Think about it.

    I hope at least she consulted the members about it cause I would hate to find out that she did all this herself. That would feel like being stabbed in the back. If she really wanted this, she would’ve quit the group cause the group will always be affected by actions of its members. Such is the dynamic of the kpop world.

    Reading some of the comments, I sense that many of us are a little disappointed, a bit upset and alot confused on the maknae’s decision. It was a poor choice with regards to being an idol at her age. I’m sorry Soyul but I don’t believe fans are still #1 to you. I’m sure many fans feel that way. Getting married means you found the one you would spend the rest of your life with (hopefully) and not putting that person #1 is a huge mistake. You say you feel like an adult but your actions and words says otherwise. Getting married doesn’t mean you’re an adult. Many have married and come to regret it later, I hope you’re not one of them (I really do). An adult would’ve considered everything before making a decision. That includes contacting your agency before announcing such a thing.

    All I know is that I suddenly lost a little of interest with Crayon Pop learning about this news. And I’ve been a big fan and advocate of the group since Barx3. Heck it’s because of this group that I got way into Kpop in the first place. So it’s really sad that I feel this way (I know I’m not alone). Really a bad move on a selfish action. I feel for the rest of the group. All those hard days doing guerilla performances, the success after all the struggles with Barx3 just to go back to relative obscurity and now this… Just imagine you losing your job, your livelihood because of something your co worker did. It might not be exactly the same but that is what Soyul did. If she really is an adult, she would do her members right and quit the group. But I doubt her quitting would bring back the fans she already lost due to this announcement.

    Now looking at it as a normal human being, it makes sense. It’s a good age to get married and have kids. Seems like she’s happy about it and I wish them all the best.

    • Cloaked Bandit

      Wow, that’s a long comment.

    • Aloha

      I appreciate your insight. In my younger years I learned a hard lesson. No one is irreplaceable. Soyul may be learning this lesson very soon.

    • guest

      i see most of the comments in english are happy and congratulating them… many of the comments i read from the discussions pages in chinese are saying what your saying..
      many are saying she took time off because she is pregnant and the mental illness thing is just made up.. feels strange your depressed one minute then happily married the next..
      and its very rare to see female idols still performing after marriage.. and if shes really pregnant.. then it means shes 100% gone..
      whilst they dont hate her for her decision..most feel very saddened and shocked at the sudden news

    • Jannina_N

      I also feel bad for the rest of the girls :c
      I hope she discussed the situation with her members and agency before taking the decision

  • CP Ranger

    I saw the Soyul news right before I left for work and my first reaction was utter astonishment and a split-second later I was grinning as I kept saying ‘wow’. The first news we hear about Soyul was her finding true happiness.

    I left for work with a bounce in my step with the amazing news for her in my mind. Also, I literally had a bounce in my step because I had to make a 100 metre dash to the bus stop because I was caught up reading Soyul news and was late πŸ˜€

    For today, everyone, let us be happy for Soyul. I know there are a heck of a lot of consequences for her decision, but for this one day, please, just be happy for her. We can all speculate about stuff later. πŸ™‚

    • Cloaked Bandit

      Right on. I notice a lot of people I’ve never seen post here ranting negatively. I think a true fan would want you to be happy.

  • Rdglde 30

    In the words of Michael Bolton “Love Is A Wonderful Thing”. We know that Heen Jun will give Soyul the love that she deserves. The best of luck & happiness to the couple to be. Go Go CP.

  • guesst

    this is so… wow. i had a dream crayon pop were breaking up but i though nAW; but now i don’t know what to believe anymore.

  • Drakis07

    What a news and totally surprising, i’m still in shock like mind blown. I feel a pinch in the heart too to learn that one of my little sister and youngest one is getting married. That being said IF he truly care for her, treat her right and make her happy i’m all for it and wish for the best for the couple.

    Even if i love Crayon pop a LOT ( they are my no.1 k-pop group after all) and i will be very very very sad if Soyul quit the group or worse that the group break up because of that marriage I will still always support the girls in all they do, because what is the most important to me is the happiness of those 5 young lady who has bring me so much joy with their music and by being true friends for the fans.

    So let’s pray all for the best to happen for Crayon pop and the girls and that all will be well.

    • ezekiel

      let’s keep supporting them.. and hope for the best..^^

      • Drakis07

        yeah, but anyway he should watch his back now because all pop-jhussi will watch him to be sure that he treat her right, Let’s not forget the girls got a army ready to protect them lol not that they can’t protect them-self like beast/little warrior Soyul.

        • ezekiel

          she have way’s girls to protect her.. LOL

          • Drakis07

            Yeah, that too LOL

    • NeonMoon

      look at this on the bright side..the album title said it all “Evolution ..”…changes are good and they bring opportunities. Being a small tight knit group, the girls and management must have known Soyul’s situation, but the sudden “morning sickness spell” must be a real boommb to their comeback plan.
      However, being strong-will as they were, they continued and performed remarkably well throughout their promotion, even receiving a prestigious 2016 World Culture and Art Award. The Dynamic 4 held their own awesomely.
      They seem to be hungrier and more determined than ever to make the difference in 2017. Looking forward to “Evolution 2!!, with just the 4 or perhaps with a new maknae..(Soyul receives our blessing and congrats for her new adventure),nothing wrong with that, groups evolve and change through time to become legends…ie: Beatles and Journey. I will be routing for Crayon Pop….hwaiting!!

      • Drakis07

        Who said that i was not looking it on the bright side. I got the chance to meet those 5 young lady in person once and kind of intimate. So to me they are all more to me then just Crayon pop. I just love those 5 girls not just as artist but as human being because i know that they are good people, so no matter what they do with their life i will always love, care and support them forever. I will always wish for the best for them too.

  • Aloha

    Crayon Pop is a brand. That brand has been damaged. Chrome must rebrand the group and the best way to do that is to add a fresh face.

    You heard it here first. A new member will be introduced shortly.

    • NeonMoon

      Yeah, a great opportunity to keep Crayon Pop name in the news,,,a neat promo…desperately seeking for a new maknae!
      EVOLUTION 2 ….baby!

      • Aloha

        Exactly. It has drama written all over it. Can you imagine the size of the viewing audience with a new member? If it was a stock, I would buy it.

    • Tash

      I’m appalled. Really. Sorry to sound cheesy, but crayon pop is not a brand. They are a family. A group of five girls that mean the world to their fans. No member will be easily replaced, Chrome Entertainment would be utterly stupid to do that.

      I can’t believe some fans now… Seriously. Their brand has not been damaged. In fact many see it as a good thing considering how well-liked Moon Hee Jun is. Their brand was ‘damaged’ with that Ilbe scandal, they aren’t going to kick a member out just because of this.


      • Aloha

        No one is replacing or kicking Soyul out. Don’t you realize what happened?

        She resigned.

        • She hasn’t.

          • Giosrt Giotrs

            It would be a little hard to leave the group, but to sign the letter with -Crayon Pop Soyul-.

        • ezekiel

          she hasn’t resigned dude..^^

          • Aloha

            There is no official resignation. No, there is not. But here are the facts we know.

            Soyul removed herself from the promotion of Evolution Pop. She left at the beginning of their comeback. We were informed she was sick and will return when better. That’s understandable.

            Fast forward two months and now she has announced a wedding date sometime around February, restating she will return shortly.

            She’s gone. She left. She resigned in a way that was comfortable for her. Can we blame her? No, we cannot. For some reason she wanted or needed to leave. But there is no easy exit for an idol as famous as Soyul. So we have been left with this muddled mess and everyone scratching their head.

          • h4iumb1

            you sound too negative. letΒ΄s just wait and see before coming to conclusions like that…

          • Aloha

            Fair enough. I don’t know Soyul like most of Sketchbook. If you say she will be back, then I believe it. It all depends on what type of personality she has.

          • ezekiel

            i’ll wait for the official news about it..^^

      • NeonMoon

        you must be in denial, Crayon Pop is indeed a brand consisting of five members of different background (except for the twins) and personalities brought together by Chrome and somehow they really meshed and started to shine together.(Remember the group call the Monkees???) Surely the group was somewhat tarnished and disrupted by Soyul’s absence. Now the truth came out, Soyul has basically resigned to be married. That’s the choice she made and we should support that. Since Chrome created Crayon Pop, they have the right to choose what’s best for the group, whether keep the remaining 4 as is, who has proven that they can stand alone and succeed (I am OK with it), or add another member.
        Take your pick – Dynamic 4 or Fab 5. I am also a die-hard fan of Crayon Pop and would like to see them around for a long long while. But you must realize that all good things must come to an end eventually…as they all must go separate ways.

  • Amo

    Wow! I am lost for words. I’m so happy that she hasn’t been on hiatus because she was super sick.. but because of happy reasons also. Maybe she was really concerned how people would take the announcement. He seems like a pretty nice guy from what I’ve seen heard of him. All the very best to them both πŸ™‚

  • Frothy

    Could not have chosen a more apt title for the new CD

    Best wishes Soyul.

  • WMoksg

    My heart and appreciation goes to the other 4 members of CP who had toiled gallantly and kept silent throughout the comeback campaign . But their silence including Chrome’s had been deafening to me and their lacking of emotΓ­on , update and concern of an unwell member presented a familiar pattern to me that things are somehow amissed and not quite the way it was presented, so i’m not too surprised. But anyhow i’m not here to judge but to support my dear daughters Crayon Pop and wishing them continual success and longevity as a group so long as their hearts and mind are still with it. As for Soyul, i hope that she’d made the right decision especially since she had said she’s going through some medical condition. Love always.

  • Jannina_N

    Congratulations Soyul. I wish you all the happiness in the world πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘β€
    But please don’t leave Crayon Pop, at least not yet :c

  • Paul Nikel

    I was as suprised as everyone who didn’t know about the relationship, and I admit under my current circumstances it did/has/and still is hitting me quite hard, but I am pleased that Soyul has found someone to be with that is great news, but I really hope that Soyul can continue if that is what Crayon Pop wants, But not at the expense of the other members, I will fully support them as a 4 or 5 member group & will also support Soyul too if she ends up taking a diffent path. I hope we get some more official confirmation soon. Good Luck Soyul I know you had no bad intentions with your announcement. Crayon Pop Fighting!!!πŸ‘Š

  • Paul Nikel

    I wish Soyul every happiness, but sincerely hope it doesn’t change anything for Crayon Pop, I have enjoyed Crayon Pop for about 3 years now, and really wish them to be as one again, Looking forward to official confirmation from Chrome that all is good.
    Crayon Pop Fighting!!!