161124 Chrome Entertainment’s Announcement of Soyul’s Engagement

Chrome Entertainment posted on the official Daum fancafe with the following message.

Hello. This is Chrome Entertainment.
It seems many fans were surprised by the sudden news.
As already announced in the news, Crayon Pop member, Soyul and Moon Heejoon will be getting married in February next year.
Soyul and Moon Heejoon have a good senior-junior relationship and began dating from April.
Recently, with faith in each other, they felt convicted to engage in matrimony.
Please cheer on this couple as they begin their lives as newlyweds.
Thank you

Source: Daum Fancafe

  • Mark

    On one hand; congratulations to her, on the other hand; that is awfully quick to get hitched. Only 11 months by the time they get married.

  • whatevs

    Epic plot twist.

  • Genji Kurokami

    Right in the heart TT….Congrats to the bride!!!

  • NeonMoon

    Morning sickness, got knocked up! It’s always the maknae and the quiet one who goes first…lol…welcome to entertainment bizz and their art of misleading their fans…it would have been a real bomb and a major blow to their long awaited comeback, if the truth were told! I am convinced Soyul will not be back as a member of Crayon Pop, yet KUDOs to the 4 girls who did a remarkable and awesome job of reviving their comeback. I wonder if they might find a new fifth member, i.e., KARA’s case or just with stay as 4 existing. I am getting use to just seeing the 4 performing, ( if the twins have their say..lol). So it’s OK that Soyul have found love. Congratulations to the bride and groom to be!

    • guesst

      are we supposed to be under the impression that she’ll continue as a member at some point? she has to be pregnant, right? nothing else makes sense.

      • NeonMoon

        I have a sneaky suspicion…She’ll burst after six month after the wedding or so.. They can deny all they want..this is not the first or the last in show bizz…The guy should be a gentleman and use protection..for goodness sake he’s 38..show some fkg responsibility use CONDOM!!!..Now Soyul’s career is finito! So they are a doing the right thing…whoop di doo!…Well it takes 2 to tango….lol…and do fool ourselves the rest of the group don’t have paramours or suitors..they are ripe and looking too!

  • ron8

    i enjoy watching the four also! they should continue with a new video with just the four. or maybe like ive heard, audition for a new member. i really love crayon pop:) chrome ent. has a great n strong team! music editors, managers, choreogs and fan web pages, etc. thx so much

  • guesst

    “it seems many fans were surprised by the sudden news” NO SHIT?! i hate the way these pr statements always come off. isn’t this a bit patronizing?

  • cp_wh

    Soyul is basically out the group, my guess is that she won’t return. Is she pregnant? it’s probable but who knows, her marriage seems rushed and you can draw your own conclusions. For sure her indefinite hiatus was due to some significant issue. I take panic disorder reason with a grain of salt. I feel sorry for other members for her absence/departure, it’s really bad timing but that said, i think this marriage announcement is positive news for Soyul and all fans should support her and wish her the best.

  • Paul Nikel

    From the sound of Chrome’s Statement and Soyul’s message it seems as if Soyul will be back soon as part of Crayon Pop!! can’t wait to see the 5 of them reunited again they have all been through a lot recently.