161114 Crayon Pop’s Makestar Project Update

Makestar released an update of Crayon Pop’s Makestar Project, Winter Party.


Crayon Pop Winter Party Project
Crayon Pop’s selfie time!
What’s a Crayon Pop selfies if not cute and playful~?
Leave a comment to let the members know which of the photos is your favorite!

Source: Makestar

  • h4iumb1

    Love them all ❀️ – Go vote for Crayon Pop to be to on the next Makestar Live broadcast: https://www.makestar.co/polls/22

    • Paul Nikel

      we have currently slipped behind by about 113 votes
      Topp Dogg have 1530 & Crayon Pop have 1417
      we have been leading on many occasions but the battle is fierce
      we can vote every hour until the 25th..Keep fighting!!! we can do this!!!

      • h4iumb1

        I am voting as often as i can – but man, these Topp Dogg-fangirls are a persistent bunch πŸ˜‚

        • Paul Nikel

          lmao Topp Dogg Crayon Pop is Top Dog πŸ™‚ its a tough battle but you guys are now ahead keep it up, with you all the way!!!

    • Way’s Girls Recruit

      Voting hourly! Looking forward to seeing more of our girls live on broadcast even if it’s smaller shows like these ^^!

  • David Ruiz

    Que bonitas 😍😍

  • Juliana Ocampo

    Ohhh my baby G❀️, looks so beautiful.

  • John Vawter

    I hope they do crowd-funding again for future music releases. When they announced the Evolution Album was going to be a DIY project, I thought that was a nice gimmick. Crayon Pop has always been a bit punk rock, so having the girls more involved in all aspects of the project was a brilliant move. However, I’m starting to wonder if Chrome is having serious financial issues. I finally bought the CD set, and the discs are pretty much unmastered; “Doo Doom Chit” is way too loud, “Sketchbook” is way too quiet. I’m not being critical, but this might indicate that they had to cut corners on basic stuff like mastering. I hope Chrome understands that if they’re having problems, all they have to do is ask. We still love Crayon Pop. I can’t fly to SK to meet them, but I’d be more than happy to donate some $$$.

    • Genki

      The songs were mastered or at least there is someone who is credited for mastering. Look towards the end of the photo book in the album credits. “Mastering: 졜효영 @ Suono Studios”

      • John Vawter

        The songs sound mastered, but I doubt the discs were.

        • CP Ranger

          I think Doo Doom Chit is intentionally loud because the official (offcial) version on both youtube AND vlive are loud. Maybe they’re trying to condition us to the ‘wall of sound’ for a Crayon Pop Metal comeback. :p

          • John Vawter

            Both DDC and to a lesser extent Vroom Vroom were intentionally mastered hot, as singles usually are. I have to set my CD player to skip both of them because otherwise I’d be constantly reaching for the volume control. Someday I’ll master them all together to be a consistent level.

            I seem to remember an animated GIF of Ellin headbanging while pretending to play the guitar…on stage with Kim Jang-Hoon?

          • CP Ranger

            Ah yes, ElGu at her finest. πŸ™‚

          • John Vawter

            She’s so into it! I love how KJH is laughing his butt off in the background.

    • robertrickett

      I understand your concern. For me, as a real instrument musician, it hasn’t been easy to enjoy digital instrument recordings at all, but it’s provided opportunities for those with different skill sets to be creative, so I’m changing my perception. Even perfection has different meanings for different people. Since Chrome needs to be wise with finances and could easily perfect themselves out of a profit, I’m OK with the mastering. The collection of compositions and Crayon Pop’s performances are brilliant on this album. Let’s keep hoping more people will discover it.

  • Mygiwi

    Geummi’s smile is my choice… Even if I love them both !
    2nd : Choa’s face, full of serenity ! Like Mona Lisa (ChoA Lisa)

  • Aloha

    Geummi and Choa have been stealing the spotlight recently. Geummis dance moves are clean and crisp. She moves with purpose and confidence. Her long lines and toned physique are eye catching. Geummis strong mind to muscle control is evident in her dance. Plus, she’s drop dead gorgeous.

    Choas long dark hair and smile is memorizing. She could probably get most men to paint her house for free if she just asked nicely. Who could say no?

    • John Vawter

      She could get most men to paint her house for free just by asking nicely.

      LOL There’s a double-entendre if I ever heard one.

      • Aloha

        I only meant she could easily wrap men around her finger. That’s all. I swear. Ha ha.

  • Aloha

    Check out Ellins nails. Magnifique!

  • CP Ranger

    I vote for the flower. 꽃꽃꽃!

  • Jason Park

    Even though I don’t speak a word of Korean..
    Even though this will cost me close to Β£2000 all in.. ( I live in the UK )

    .. I am seriously considering paying for the full package!!

    I’m just worried I’m going to be stood there like a lemon unable to understand 99% of what is happening!

    Anyone else going who doesn’t speak Korean

    • CP Ranger

      I believe that there is a good chance there will be an interpreter(s) present. If you check out the Topp Dogg project, a Makestar staff actually answered this question in the comment section. But, you can ask in the Crayon Pop comment section to be sure. And if you do go for the full package, then you can write extra info/requests during the payment section.

      Posted 4 days ago
      Can you please give us more information about the “Meal time fan meeting with Topp Dogg”? Is it only for Korean fans?

      Posted 3 days ago
      Hello, this is Makestar. The fan meeting is for any Topp Dogg fan. Interpreter service will be available in English, Chinese, and Japanese!

      • Jason Park

        Thank you.