161113 Choa’s Instagram Translated

Choa and Fiestar’s Linzy went to see a Mandangguk version of Shakespeare’s Measure For Measure. A Mandangguk is a type of traditional Korean play.

#Theatre #Madangguk #LetsDoTheOpposite #Shakespeare #Original #Play #MeasureforMeasure#ParkJaemin #TeacherLeeSunJae
Jaemin-oppa who shines with his appearance onstage👍🏻Really, what can he not do?!🤔Our Linzy-unnie came to support and drive! “The definition of the act. The law that does not exist on humans. The rules for the law should not exist.”

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  • Juliana Ocampo

    ellas son amigas?

  • David Ruiz

    a ese actor mayor lo he visto en dramas.👍👍 Choa and Linzy are friends? 😯

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  • Brandon Lim

    too close!

  • apieth

    Lovely people