161024 Crayon Pop on MWAVE Meet & Greet

Catch a subbed portion of the Meet & Greet!

MWAVE will be organizing a Meet & Greet with Crayon Pop on 24 Oct 2016. The information is as follows.

Album Info
PRODUCT: Signed Crayon Pop Album ‘EVOLUTION POP_VOL.1’ (Signed by All Members) ($29.99)
RULES: Crayon Pop will select 15 out of 49 tiles, and selected 15 will get Crayon Pop photo cards (Mwave Exclusive!!)

Top 5 Supporters:
Top 1: All Member Signed wide group Polaroid photo + Special Gift from Crayon Pop
Top 2~5: One Random Member signed mini Polaroid photo
LIVE STREAMING: October 24th, 5 PM (KST)

Source: MWAVE Meet & Greet

  • ezekiel


  • Juliana Pinzon

    Yo vivo en latinoAmerica, esto se me hace imposible,,, igual las Amo chicas
    나는 라틴 아메리카에 살고, 이 불가능 가된다,,,==당신이 여자를 사랑.

    • David Ruiz

      Tengo entendido que puedes comprar el album y el 24 lo firmaran ellas con sus manitos y luego será enviado a tu pais, cuesta un poco mas, pero al menos lo habrán tocado.

      • Nando

        A traves de q pagina se hace eso?

  • Jason Park

    It’s not really a “meet and greet”.
    I can’t buy a ticket to actually meet and greet them!

    I have bought an album to be signed.. But it’s not a meet and greet in the real sense of the words. 🙁
    I got all excited and started looking at flights to Korea!!!


    • h4iumb1

      They already had a fansign event and on saturday will be the next one. They also meet fans often after performances so just go ahead and buy a plane ticket if you want to meet them 😉

      • Jason Park

        Yes. I saw the fan sign even for the 15th.
        Sadly,I can’t make it at such short notice. 🙁

        But yes. … I’d love to meet them!

    • Giang Nguyễn Hoàng

      this event is for international fan mostly (a chance to have a signed album). For Crayon Pop, you will have much more chance to meet them than other idols because they usually held a mini fan meeting event after performance (to thank fans for their support). Just check their schedule and go. Earlier this month, i had joined 4 mini fan meeting in only one week. Sadly cannot stay for both fan sign :-<<

      • Jason Park

        Thank you. Where can I get their schedule? Crayon pop. Me doesn’t seem to post up quickly. Also,sadly,I can’t read or write Korean. So I am stuck with English feeds or Google translate.
        But I’m not now going to be able to get to Korea until end of November. 🙁

        • Giang Nguyễn Hoàng

          they usually announced their schedule only for a couple of days ahead. For myself, I got information from crayonpop.me too. If you use twitter, you can try follow Sketchbook Indonesia, they post schedule too. Crayon Pop usually do promotion for about a month, if you go to Korea only for Crayon Pop, check carefully though

  • Deplorable Bidnith

    I just found out that I was one of the 15 winners chosen at random. My place on the “all-stars” list is on page 3, bottom row, left hand corner. Lucky Me!

  • Paul Nikel

    anyone know when the meet&greet cd’s are likely be sent?

    • Usually at least 1 month later.

      • Paul Nikel

        Cheers, thanks very much 🙂