161023 Crayon Pop’s 3rd Evolution Pop Vol. 1 Fan Sign

On 23 October, Crayon Pop held their 3rd fan sign for Evolution Pop Vol. 1 in Yongsan. Watch some fan cams below

  • David Ruiz


  • ezekiel

    let’s go… XD

  • Drakis07

    Ok, i have to be the one to say it but whoa those damn nice curves that they got in those blue jeans, if the would go sexy concept one day that would be the dead of us. They are my no.1 favorite k-pop group for so many reasons. pop pop crayon pop, sarang heo.

  • cp_wh

    Does anyone know what the banner was saying?

    • CP Ranger

      Google translate says: 영원히 함께 있어줘 = Stay with me forever

      • cp_wh

        thx CPR.

  • robertrickett

    Impromptu “Vroom Vroom” I love it!! My favorite song and choreography, unexpectedly appears on my laptop. Made my day. Being from California, I love the girls in blue Jeans. Crayon Pop makes denim look good!!

    • Deplorable Bidnith

      I don’t know why they chose Doo Doom Chit to be the song to promote this comeback. I feel like Vroom Vroom more feels like everything Crayon Pop is about and this comeback would have been much more successful if it had been the focus of their promotion.

      • robertrickett

        I think “Vroom Vroom” would have done better too, as It fits perfectly with their brand, but it would have still struggled due to their long break. Saving it for their 2nd or 3rd consecutive comeback would be even smarter, if that’s what their thinking.

        • Deplorable Bidnith

          I don’t want it to come across as a disagreement with your comment because we both agree on the merits of Vroom Vroom.
          I just remember that within the time the teaser for it was dropped and the release of the album and Doo Doom Chit video, the teaser had something like 80,000 views and people were going crazy with anticipation.
          No one but Crayon Pop could do a song like Vroom Vroom and I think it’s the one they should have led off with.

          • robertrickett

            Your right, “Vroom Vroom” is pure Crayon Pop. I’m sincerely hoping they promote it. Not only because it will do well, but I’m anxious to see the MV , enjoy the promotion, and see it in their short sets. Thanks for posting your feelings about the songs potential. For me It’s songs like “Vroom, Vroom”, with it’s totally Crayon Pop choreography, that make Crayon Pop the best entertainment ever.

  • Brandon Lim

    Somebody give them a jeans advert please!